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reaction to banana Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone's bubs have ever had a reaction to banana at all? If so what it was?
My little one was very red around the chin and mouth almost immediately after having a little taste.

mum of shaun

I had an uncle who broke out in a rash everytime he had banana, like you described. Just had to avoid the fruit- I have no idea why this was so though.

Banana can really constipate too.
Yes, my DD broke out in a rash all over her face and torso after eating banana.
My GP seemed to think that she may well grow out of it in time, but I think I'll just avoid giving it to her for a while.
Yes my daughter reacts to banana, she breaks out in a rash & has diarrea for a day. I can't give her anything with banana in it at all.

Ella: 2 years Eden: 1 year

wow thought my DS was the only one! he had banana when he was bout 4 1/2 or 5 months and about 3 hours later we rushed him to the docs cos he had a huge lumpy rash all over his back and on his chest. We thought it was the farex but the doc said it would be banana and its cos his body could not process it and he should grow out of it.

tried him on a bit every now and then until 6 months and he always had a rash on his chin, then all of a sudden he was fine.

Now he is 1 year and has one every morning. he loves it and had no further dramas.


My 7 monther also reacted to banana- he has eczema anyway, but his face flared up imediately then overnight he developed a rash all over him. We have recently seen a paed for skin tests and he is actually allergic to cows milk, soy, nuts, banana and eggs. He is also very sensitive to new foods, vomits alot with them. Seeing the dietician next week-to find out what i can feed him!!!
i have a friend who has been anafalactic (spell?) to banana since she was a bub! my daughter has this reaction to avocado! trust her to react to the most convenient food!!
[Edited on 14/10/2007]
I gave my DD (now 6mths 1 wks old), fresh mashed up banana a few weeks ago and when she done a pee, it "burnt" her. Poor little girl - took about 4 days for it to go away.

DD - 07.04.07 DS - 27.10.09

Hey there! I myself am allergic to banana so will probably have to watch it with my little one.

The nurses at the hospital told me that allergies to banana, mango and another fruit I can't remember (sorry, not very helpful) can develop into a latex allergy & vice verse. Just thought you might like to know!

Mummy to Andrea 27/04/07

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