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When to start meat and recipe ideas? Lock Rss

My DD is a huge fruit and veg eater......doesn't really like youghurt or custard. She is 9.5 months old and I was just wondering when you all started to feed your kids meat and how did you cook it. I have read a few recipes that say to boil the meat in chinks then to puree it but that sounds gross! Do you think that beef mince and chicken mince are good to try first? Sorry for the long post.
We started beef mince, chicken and tuna around 7 months... spaghetti bolognaise using 100% tomato puree for the sauce, chicken & veg and tuna mornay.
Yep! I have always pureed it for my sons. looked yuck. had a stange consistency - but they enjoyed it mixed with veggies. i'd often give them a large chunk of good steak they could suck on when about 10 months of age, to be sure they couldnt chew some off and swallow, and watched the carefully.
I got some great ideas from the Annabel Karmen (?) book. loved it.
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