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daddy loves bonding Lock Rss

Hi. How are we all this lovely day?
I thought i'd good story about dads bonding. My hubby LOVES our little girl. As soon as she was born, he cried like a baby. (I was too busy screaming get IT away from me to care what I had)
The day he came to pick us up from the hospital, his eyes were like twinkling stars, and the smile would not wipe from his face. I was so worried that he'd have difficulties bonding with her, but from the word go, he's bonded and loved her. They have their time together when I'm at work and the things they get up to! He takes her everywhere like the trots, baseball, basketball and visiting. She's 9 months old now and adores her daddy to pieces. She yells out for dad in the morning and is disappointed if I go in. She knows exactly when he comes homes, coz if shes asleep, she'll wake up a few mins before he comes home and watch the door. As soon as hes home, the smile from her face is unbelievable!!! If he doesn't pick her up straight away, she cries until he does, then she's right.
If anyone asks him about our little girl, he is so proud and tells all about her. Here was me worried he wouldn't bond. I didn't need to worry at all.
Is there other dads out there like this? I feel a little left out sometimes, but I know she loves mummy too.
Have fun everyone!!!!

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

Hi Lisa

1st of all I love your username Kookymom that's definantly original!

My husband sounds like yours & WHY? when we do everything for them.
I work on Saturdays & my kids just LOVE being with dad ( probably cause they get away with murder) & Macca's fo lunch.
It's great to see though & I wouldn't want it any other way.

See Ya

they all love their daddy's

and thats only because its the mums that are the grown ups in the

as they say......... men are just big kids smile

its really the dads that enjoy kids stuff. they just use kids as an excuse to do it all
hahahahaha!!!! lmao! smile smile


DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

lol yes, men are big kids (but then so am I). DP loves playing with Bailey. He's so hands on too...feeds, nappies, showers/baths etc. He even lets me sleep in on the weekend (even tho he gets up at 5am during the week) so he can give Bailey his first feed and then they watch a bit of golf together! grin
DP is sooo good with our little boy...he's a true natural! He had the tears too when Bailey was born and it's the first time I've seen him cry. He also loves to brag about his little fella to anyone who asks. And don't get me started on all the housework he does!

We certainly are lucky to have such wonderful partners/husbands who help out so much. I have some friends who's husbands are complete *&$%^ and its awful to see what they go through emotionally. I don't know how I'd cope without my big man to help me with my little man smile
I too was slightly worried that my man wouldn't bond with our little girl when she was born! She was unplanned, and when he got over the initial shock, he had his hopes set on a son!! Well...the day she was born, the tears welled up in his eyes, they twinkled, glistened and danced for the next few hours that he was holding her (I hardly got a look in!!) From that moment, he was totally bonded and adoring of our little girl.

Now, she is nearly six months old. In the mornings I have her in bed with us, Dad hides his head under the covers, which makes our little girl giggle incessantly. When he pops his head up again the look of delight on her face is something to behold! He takes her outside to roll in the grass, they watch rugby together, I'm sure he is the only person who can get her out of a grump.

Sometimes I even feel a little envious, when I'm holding her and she leans out and reaches for Daddy. It's so nice. She will probably grow up to be a little madam, with Dad wrapped round her finger, but I'm happy!! This is the best thing that has happend to this family!!
i love reading about dads bonding with their little ones when my little girl was born daddy was over the moon and even now when we go down the street i hardly get to hold her or push the pram i love to see a proud dad

dani sa, violet born: 31/12/04

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