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Daddy is in the navy and has been gone for 6 months over in the iraq war, worried that my son wont want to take to his daddy when my husband arrives home in 8 weeks



How old is your son?
Just make sure they spend heaps of time together when he returns. I think you are wonderful for being apart from him for so long especially with a baby.

Good Luck & let me know how it all goes.


My son is 9 months and when my husband left my son Declan was only 5 months. He knows his daddy by photos and get excited when he see's them but i know it will be different when it is time to come face to face with his dad. My husbabd and i have decided to go away and spend time with just the 3 of us to reunite Declan with is dad. That way know one will be around to stick there noses in.

Thanks heaps for the words of advice.



By the sounds of it, you showing pictures to Declan is a great move! It wont be a total suprise to see what his daddy looks like. Its understandable how worried you are but I think that if there is any unsureness (is that a word?), it wouldnt take more than a couple of days at most to get re-acquinted. Also a great idea about going away together for a special family bonding holiday.

Good luck, I hope all goes well!
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