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Single Mum Lock Rss

Hi, my name is Kimberly and I am a single mum with a 9 month old son, Caleb. I get along really well with Caleb's dad and he sees Caleb 2/3 times a week. I worry that they are both missing out on bonding and just being together. Caleb's dad has been great and took a week off work when Caleb was born. He changes nappies, baths and feeds but doesn't really play with Caleb. How can I get him to understand how important it is to play with Caleb?

Kimberly, QLD

I've been in the same situation.I think its difficult for a dad to play with their boys at that age because they normaly expect them to do a lot more than they do.Give caleb's dad a little more time & patience & hell see soon that caleb can be fun to play with.Cathryn.

cathryn,mother of 6,NSW

As caleb grows i think that caleb's father will instinctively interact with him more.. don't worry and know that they enjoy the time they spend together.....

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

Maybe you could give him a few idea's on how to play with Caleb. Blocks are a good idea. Calebs dad can build a stack and then let Caleb knock them down. Is he not playing with him cause he doesn't want to or because he doesn't know what to do??

Janelle Vic

Thanks for all your comments, it has been very helpful!!

Kimberly, QLD

Hi, I am a single mum aged 18. i just need a little advise from other mums. My baby is now 5 months and the father has not yet told he's parents because he is to scared he is only young too. i really what them to know about her because i am afraid that soon it is going to be to late. should i wait for him to tell them or should i do it myself. all of he's friends already know and so does he's oldest sister. he has seen her only a few times. everytime i what him to see her he can't because he's not aloud out, he's parents are really strict.


Carla, QLD, 2 yr girl

hey carla, i know what ur going thru!! i think u need to tell him he has to tell them or u will and give him a set date to do this by. they gonna find out and if they do they might get pretty angry especially if it's from someone else other than their own son. If you wanna talk and chat my email is [email protected] ok hope everything goes ok with u and ur little loved one

amy, nsw, 11month boy


Thanks for replying to my e-mail, it was very nice of you too. I have given him till Christmas Day to tell he's parents. Just a few days again i meet he's coz's and aunty they were really nice, they all love mya. Apparently both of he's parents already know they are just waiting for him to tell them, that's made me so happy to find out they already knew.


Carla, QLD, 2 yr girl

I am a single mum, too, aged 23. I love my baby and think the world of her. Her father and I don't talk, and he has never seen her, despite many opportunities I've given him. His siblings all got to know her and think she's wonderful, but he and his parents don't want to know her. I think that the ideal situation would be for him to at least see her, but at the same time i guess i'm scared he might want visitation for longer than she could handle. She is fully breast fed, and won't even take a bottle if i've expressed. But I do want him to at least meet her once. Being single isn't a bad thing, it can be a good thing if you know how to do it right.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

Hi JadeH and all single mums on this web site,

I think all single parents do a great job looking after there babies. I am 25 with a six month old son and am very lucky to have to a partner that adores my son as much as I do.

kellie, NSW, baby aden

Are you joking,he cant see her because he,s not aloud out his parents are to strict.
my god he is the father, and it sounds like he is dodging the responsibility to his child and to you.
yes i think you should mention the facts to his parents.As this child is the most important person now not what his parents think or do. you are the mother take charge
Also do you realize the damage this could do to your little one with the current situation your in,like babies,and children pick up on negative vibes and stress .
for the childs sake sort it out as your both parents now,and your child needs and stability
hi i'm a single mum and 23 as well with your baby being fully breatfed the visatations are different it is for only very short periods of time with you there i was worried about the same thing but that was what i was told by a solicitor but my babys dad doesn't want to know him he sees the older 2 but not the baby

bec NSW mum of 3

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