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Dadding gone away 4 work Bub missing him Lock Rss

Hi Ladies
My husband has been gone for 2 weeks now and our son is missing him so much. Every day my son goes into our room pulls himslef up on the side of the bed and calls dadda, dad. (my husband does afternoon's, so he is always in bed in the morning)
All day Jett say's dadda, dad. My husband calls every morning and nite and talk's to Jett and just the look on his little face when he hears his daddy's voice.

It is so hard for them to understand what is going on. They are too young to realise that they will be back and are only away for a little while. Matt is ok with my husband being away as he has spent more of his life with him away than home. I really feel for you, it is hard enough being on your own without the emotional feelings from your little one. Our dog is my biggest problem. He mopes around the house crying and lies on my husband's side of the bed and looks at me with his big puppy dog eyes - breaks your heart.


It is hard, but i get a break as i live with my mum and dad (we r saving 4 a house), but it not the same. I really feel for my husband as, This is my husband's first time away from us for so long, we have been together for 9yrs and he has gone only left for the weekend and he is finding it really hard and it counting the days down (god love him)
He comes home 2orrow night... And we can't wait, to show Daddy his son's new words and new teeth..

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