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Loving being a home dad Lock Rss

Hey i love being a home dad woulnt give it up for the world, i get to see all the things that some dads miss from being away,Id like to encourage more guys to take on this role
I get to stay home with my little one (for 12 months anyway!) but my hubby would take that job away from me in a flash if he could!! He's a great dad and spends as much time with us as he can but is well aware that he misses much of what she does, like the "first times".

If I earn't the higher wage it would be hubby to stay home with her so I count my blessings!!

I'd like to encourage more guys to take on the role as well - just not my hubby!!!!! lol
Its great to hear that dad's love to stay home and look after the children while their partners go to work. Have you been home with your little one since your little one born? my partner would love to be home with our daughter and we have already decision when we have another baby he will stay with the children and I will go back to work but I will see how I feel when we do have other baby.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

nakidadof2 i think that is so fantastic of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my partner says he'd love to be a stay at home dad lol
but he earns way more than me so that settles that

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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