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dad doesn't want to know Lock Rss

Yip definitely keep me posted!! would love to hear how you are getting on!!

I'm lucky i didnt have to go through DNA testing with emilys dad, he's never denied he is the father he just doesnt seem to interested in actually being one!! he was suppose to come and see her last weekend but he didnt show up!!!!

take care
Try not to worry about it too much! You tend to go through about 10 different emotions in about 30 seconds when you sign on the dotted line!
Once I had signed the papers I felt really scared about what to expect, but my heart told me that I had done the right thing for Aidan. I defintely have no regrets.

You keep your chin up girly, and everything will work out for you and Shantilli I'm sure. Stay positive, keep busy! If you want to have a chat one night soon, let me know!

Love Ambs xxx smile

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

Hi milli,
i hope that shantilli had a very happy 1st birthday yesterday!! congratulations on a whole year of motherhood!!!! i cant wait till emily turns 1 in 10days!!!

i havent had a great weekend, emily has had a high temp all weekend and has been really grizzly which has kept me on my toes, plus her dad said he was going to come visit this weekend and he didnt show up (again!!) frustration!!!!!!

hope everyone has a happy week smile i have to go to a study day at university tomorrow, im going to miss emily! ive never left her for more than 2hours and now i have to do 8!!! sad

Love Amanda
I'd love to give him a kick up the proverbial for you girl!!!
Men (I'm shaking my head & tutting) Mind you I wish I could do the same to mine!!!!
Have a good week babe ....
Talk to you soon
Love Ambs smile

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

God he deserves more than a damn good kick!! if i could be bothered with him i would!!!!

i had an 8hour course today and i missed emily so much!!!! apparently according to my mum she didnt even know i was gone sad

Hope your results come through soon smile
give aidan a hug for me!

Love Amanda xxx
Awwwww ....
Aidan didn't miss me when I went out last Friday either! And I was only gone for a couple of hours. He played mind games with my sister instead and had her wrapped around his little fingers!!
Nothing yet ... still waiting. I saw Bodie in passing today, but didn't get to talk to him. I was out running and he drove past me & Aidan. Saw him again in town ... twice in one day!! Maybe it's a sign for something!!
Aidan's a lot better today, was in hysterics earlier this evening. He's really getting the hang of "dada" now, and today he made a noise like "icky" so I said it back to him and he was in fits of laughter. Had to go put some washing in the laundry basket in another room, and I yelled out "icky" and he was giggling away in the lounge! I think he's also starting to get the hang of his "b's" and "bubba" could be the next word.
Well, might be a busy week, but taking one day at a time at the moment. My nana is gravely ill, so we're expecting her to go at anytime, and thought that last night was it, but she's clinging on. She only just turned 90 2 weeks ago, so she's had a good knock! We'll see how it goes this week.
Have a good week and I hope you have better luck with that hopeless man!! You can't live with or without them & you can't shoot them either!!

Give Emily a hug from the both of us too

Love Ambs xxxxxxxx smile

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

Oh Amber im so sorry to hear about your nana!!! big hugs to you!!! i hope that you and your family are ok, and that your nana hopefully gets betta!

I had to go to my course again today so emily was left with my mum, and she still didnt miss me!! oh well at least i wont have to go through seperation anxiety with her, we have a big family so shes not short of people around her!

Aidan sounds as though he is doing really well!! they are so cute when they giggle, emily loves bubbles at the moment, she falls over in hysteria when i blow them near her!

I hope all goes well for you this week smile will be thinking of you!

Love and hugs to you both
Amanda xxxx
Hi everyone. Sorry I've been away so long. My mum's been sick. Also I had my 21st on August 26th and Milly's 1st was on the 27th. My cousin was here from NSW too. So we've all been pretty busy.

Luke rang me the Wednesday before Milly's birthday wanting me to pick her presents up. I told him nicely to see her on her birthday and give them to her himself.

We went to grandma's (his mum's) after tea on her birthday. He was there. He gave her some rally cheap clothes and a $10 toy. At least it was better than christmas. That was a little polly pocket doll.

Anyway we got that over with. I also had to see him this week for fathers day. I got some photos of Milly and Blake (her half bro) done and gave them to him.

Anyway. I'll try and write more next time. Milly has just gone to sleep and I'm getting really tired. She had her 12 mth shots and keeps waking up overnight.

Bye for now.

Hi Penny!!!!

Wow it sounds as though you have been very busy!!! how i s your mum????? i hope shes better!!!! Happy belated bithday to you and Milly!!!! two very big occassions!!!

Emily is one on wednesday and im so excited!! although am also a little worried, i bet her dad will make contact on the day and want to come and give her a present (well i bloody hope he gives her something!! he has NEVER given her anything!!) but, i feel real mean coz i really dont want him to come round on the day! its so much effort and the tension is so big, i just feel it might ruin my day. selfish aye.
i keep thinking that he has made no effort at all, and he is the kind of person who will only come on occassions where he can say he has been to impress everyone. im having all of my family around so i want to keep it at that, i think i will tell him, that him and his family can come and see her on the weekend, and have time with her then??

Do you think i am being to selfish????? he is her father...... (when he wants to be)

Anyway hope everyone is happy and well, it has been a beautiful day here today!!!

Love Amanda

I hope you get lots of pressies and fun stuff for your birthday


I don't like Luke coming when he feels like turning up, but if he's going to turn up at all it's better than nothing. I really want him and Milly to have a relationship so I take any time he will spend with her as good.

If Emily's dad does come over just treat him like any other person there and make him feel over welcome. Then next time he may not want to come with so many people around.

Just think of what Emily will want when she is older. I want Milly to know I've tried everything to give her a father. As long as she knows you've tried, that's all you can do.

My parents think I give Luke too many chances, but I think I want it for her more than anything. Just try and sort things out with him.

I hope this helps. Good luck for today.

Love Penny

Thanks Penny!

Well emilys birthday was excellent! i had the best day ive had in a while and she was excited because everyone else was!!

her dad told me he had a few presents for emily which was ok but he was the one who that he would wait for the weekend to see her because he thought we would be having a family day, so that was good, i took emily around there on friday night and his family was there and they all had a really good time with her so it was really nice. They brought around her presents the night before her birthday so she could open them on the day!!

i think the hard/awkward part is over and i think we will be seeing a bit more of them so i hope it all turns out ok! i do want whats best for emily, and i just have to keep reminding myself that i would hate not knowing all of my family so why should she. so that in itself is keeping us going!!!

How is everyone doing?? we have had a gorgeous sunny day today! i even got a little bit sunburnt!! hehe! bring on summer!!!!

Love to all smile

Amanda xxxx
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