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dad doesn't want to know Lock Rss

im in the same situation, my son is now nine and a half months, and his father, who i was with for 4 years before he came along, has just decided to stop seeing him, and now hasnt seen him in over a month, i was really really hurt in the beginning, but realised, as many others have, that it is his own loss, and if he doesnt want to have a relationship with his beautiful son then its his problem. I dont want to have to put my son through the rejection that he will have, once he learns his daddy isnt really there for him, i would much rather be the best mum and dad that i can be

Hi Cally's mum!

I too have learnt that its his problem if he doesnt want to see his child, i have however started to push their relationship because i think he really does want too see her and for some reason just doesnt know what to do! i know it sounds strange but the last couple of times i have talked to him, he has jumped at the chance to see her. The one thing i have learnt is that things take time and hopefully when they grow up abit they will realise what the have been missing out on!!!

you are doing the right thing by concentrating on your son and he sounds as though he is very lucky to have you!!!!!

All the best, stay in touch, id love to hear how things are going with everyone and their beautiful little kids!!!!

im sick at the moment and emily is taking advantage of it by doing things she knows she shouldn't!!!!

take care eveyone!!!

love Amanda
I'm glad Emily's birthday went well. Her dad was really thoughtful not to come on her birthday. I was really hurt when Luke said he was going away with work for Milly's birthday. He ended up telling them he couldn't just so he could see her.

I think guys want to know their kids when they become real people. He's been seeing her heaps (well once a week) since her birthday. She doesn't crawl anymore and I think he thinks it's easier now she can walk, talk and feed herself. Every time we see him and she's learnt a new word he's rally surprised and keeps making her say it.
I walked to grandma's today (his mum's house, just round the corner) and he turned up after I'd been there about 2 hours. While we were there he kept making her say ta cause he thinks it's cute. (Considering Milly has manners and Blake doesn't. I'm not too sure how manners are cute.) When we left he just kept making her say goodbye.
If he came over a bit more maybe he'd get to hear the words she says.

Anyway. That's enough of a bitch session from me.
Hope you and Emily are ok.

Hi Cally.

Now that Milly is 1 and is more mobile Luke (Daddy) wants more to do with her. In the beginning he was really good and saw her heaps. Then at about 5 months we only saw him monthly and only when I rang him to come and see her. At the moment it's weekly.

Don't worry about being a mum and dad. Just be a good mum. I have a photo of Luke and Milly in the lounge room so that Milly can see her dad whenever she wants.
I'll tell her when she's bigger I tried everything I could when she was little for him to see her and if she wants to see him I'll call him, but I don't believe he'll ever stick around long enough to be there for her.

I do think children need a mother and father, but I also believe some children are better with only one parent. I know Milly is better with one parent. Luke has a son, Blake (2), then Milly (1) and one on the way (due Dec 6th). All children are to different mothers. I don't believe that is good parenting and I think when Milly grows older she'll see what her fathers really like.

I've told Luke many times he has to see Milly once a week or not at all, but whatever you say, they still come and go when they want. Just protect your little boy as well as you can. Just remember he can't see your little boy unless you let him.


Have been having a bit of a problem this week, i have a good friend who is a guy (we are just friends) and spend quite abit of time with him, my prob is that em has started calling him dad!! she says it all the time and its not just her babbling, urgh!!!!!!! i dont know what to say coz he isnt her dad!! he has a 3 year old girl who is always calling him dad so i think she may be getting it off her, anyway i keep telling her what his name is so hopeful it will change soon!!!

Her real father has been a ghost, havent heard from him for a while, its quite a cycle!!!!

Anyway better go get her to bed, hope everyone is well smile Amber how are you and Aidan??? i havent talked to you for awhile!! hope you are both well smile
How are you going. I'm going away tomorrow night for 2 1/2 weeks. Milly is going to have so much fun. We go to Melbourne, then to Rockhampton the Brisbane. Then back home.

Anyway. I hope everyone has a great few weeks while I'm gone. Take care of your little ones and have fun.


P.S. Don't worry about Emily calling your friend dad. She'll learn. Milly calls Jarrod dad all the time. We just keep saying Uncle Jarrod and eventually she'll understand.

Oh penny you are so lucky!

I wish i could go on holiday.... i guess i'll be dreaming for awhile!!

I hope that you and milly have the best holiday! take care and have lots of fun, i look forward to hearing how your trip went when you get back smile

I'm good have had a nice quiet day, its pouring with rain so have been stuck inside, (much too emilys disgust!!) She saw her dad last night which was nice for them both, i hope the visits become more frequent!

How are you going cally??? has your bubs dad come to visit him yet? Hope you are both well smile

Take care everyone look forward to chatting with you all soon!!

Love Amanda
Hi Amanda,
Sounds like things are going ok for you and Emily! Good to see her dad has come by to see her. How is your flu? Have you got rid of it! pparently its going round ... touch wood wink I've had a sore throat on and off, which is usually a tell-tale sign ...
Things are quiet here. Still waiting to hear from my lawyer (who is waiting for Bodie to sign Aidan's paternity forms) and meanwhile ... Bodie's parents STILL haven't been in touch. It's nearly been a whole month since we had the results back, and you would think that they would have called by now. The more time goes by, the more disheartened I feel. I have had this really strong feeling the last couple of weeks, that Bodie has got something to do with that. I hope not, I don't think he would be that slefish & heartless as to deny his child a relationship with his grandies ... and vice versa. But if this continues, then I'm just going to leave things. I can't have any negative vibes around Aidan, he's had nothing but a positive upbringing so far and that's the way its going to stay. I still plan on approaching Bodie soon about Aidan's child support. Not looking forward to it, but Bodie may very well want to listen to what I have to say yet ... and maybe, it could be the start of something positive for Aidan and his dad. Slowly but surely, not getting my hopes up though.
Other than that, I'm just cruising quietly LOL, looking forward to getting my studies underway again next month! Everything in general is looking and feeling positive, and I'm happy, and Aidan is happy too! He's a funny little man, he's growing so fast!!!
I've also done something myself, which I think is brave of me LOL, and I felt the time was finally right to do it. Have been provrastinating for months about it, but my best friend has egged me on about it, and finally, I got a sign yesterday .... and I've bitten the bullet!! What is it that I have done, you ask??

I'll tell ya later, I have to go and sort Aidan out. He's yelling!! .......

PS: Its something to do with love

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

Oh Amber!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

You cant leave without telling me what you have done!!!!

Have you got yourself a man????!!!!!!!

hehe hurry and tell me!!!
I'm real sorry amber that bodie and his family are being dorks and not making contact with you, i bet your real eager to get things moving with them so they can get to know aidan and vice versa, i have been struggling for a year with making contact with emilys dads family, and i finally think i can start to say that im happy with progress!! things take time hun, i'm sure they are trying to get their head around things too and they are probably waiting for you to make contact (dont ask me why but thats what they seem to do!!!), maybe they want to wait till the custody thing is all over???

I hope they come around soon and that Bodie pulls his head in and starts being a father!

Anyway as you know im always here for you!!
Im still dying to know your news!!!!
Love Amanda
Amber did you get a tattoo? I so bet you did!!!!!


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

OMG!!!! I'm so sorry, I completely forgot about coming back and finishing off!!!

Soooooo sorry to keep you hanging!!! wink

As I said, I've been procrastinating for months and my best friend has been egging me on about it ... but I never thought the timing was right until yesterday.

I wrote to my ex-boyfriend.

My best friend has been egging me on for the last few months about contacting him. She saw him a while ago, and he asked after me ... she I should get in touch with him, but it didn't feel right back then. Till yesterday.

So, I sat down, and wrote him a letter, and gave him my numbers, and told him that I'd like to catch up sometime. I posted it this morning, and it just felt right.

I'm not pinning any hopes on this one ... but this guy meant (and still does) a lot to me. He is the love of my life, and the only time that I have been truly happy, is when I was with him. He completed me, and I havent had that with anyone since him.
I had a reading done once and I was told that he was my soul-mate, that we have a karmic connection. I honestly cant imagine myself with anybody else but him. (Quite ironic really, since I have had a baby with someone else LOL)

I'm trying to imagine what I would say to him when (or IF) he does contact me. Like I said, I'm not pinning any hopes on this, but thanks to his uncle (who mows my lawns) I got the "sign" I needed, and I had no second thoughts about posting that letter.

Wish me luck, I'll keep you posted!!

PS: Steph,
I have been thinking about getting my tattoo finished!!! (It's on my left hip)

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

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