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Crying for Daddy. Rss

Hi i am just wondering if there is anyway to get my DD daddy to interact more with her.
He will sit her on his knee and watch tv and generally only speak to her when she is crying, which I have told him won't help as now when she wants his attention she will cry at him.

I am getting a bit sick of it and am getting to the point where i just blurt it out at him instead of talking about it nicely.

It really is annoying me as he says How i play and interact with her and wonder why can't he do the same. It is easy and alot more fun than having her cry for attention.

I don't want this to become a habit in her.

Any ideas, as he does love her sooo much and helps alot, but this is not good for me or bubs.

Carrie and Indigo:)
I had the same problem initially with DH. If I asked him to entertain Bradyn he would just sit with him in front of the tv. If he cried he would hand him back and tell me to feed him (he was exclusively bf), most the time he was hungry sometimes he was bored, but hubby wouldn't try anything, he just handed him back. He didn't play with Bradyn at all. I never left them alone together until Bradyn was 6 months.
Now Bradyn is one year old. DH and the baby are great together. Hubby just didn't know what to do when he was very little as Bradyn became more mobile, more interested in his surroundings and more responsive DH found it easier to interact and finally bond with him.
Just keep allowing him the opportunity for the interaction, maybe give hubby a toy to start him off with her, when she starts giggling and smiling I'm sure hubby will find himself doing more just to see that smile.
I hope this helps, I wasn't sure to post because I don't know the age of your little girl.

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

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