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Exposure to men Lock Rss

I spent most of the day at a friends as he has hurt himself quite badly in an accident. It took my DD some two hours to 'warm' up to him. It dawned on me that she really has had next to no exposure to men other than her daddy. We've had a few visitors (family interstate) - but only for a couple of days here and there. I was wondering if other babies are in similar situations. I wondered if it would make her have any phobias of men as she hasn't got the exposure (as she grows up). Sounds kind of silly putting this in writing, kind of thinking out loud - LOL.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Babies have an uncanny sixth sense. Maybe she just didnt like him personally.

Who knows ?

Hi Kazi,

Just thought I'd share with you about my bub. Brayden loves his dad (obviously) and he sparks up when dad walks in the door - probably thinking... 'finally, someone different to look at other than mum!!' LOL

Anyway, he also loves his grandad... and when his grandad (my dad) talks at the dinner table or when we're sitting together in the lounge... Brayden would just stare at him almost in awe. Even though he sees grandad only on Sundays and sometimes every second Sunday, he never forgets him.

It's really cool that they have a special bond as my dad didn't really see us grow up (he was working and we were brought up by my grandparents) and he will now feed him his bottle and even rock him to sleep (when he was younger)... in saying that, still won't do a nappy change though!

Anyway, I think my boy is a daddy's boy which I'm ok about as I get to spend all day with him... it's great that he loves his dad and also grandad.

That's my story!

As for your DD, I wouldn't be too worried as I think that babies have a good sense. Brayden knows if the person holding him or interacting with him is confident or not and will respond to them better.

Bye for now.

Ella loves new people & has interaction with other men. But there is one guy, she just can't stand. He'll talk to her all baby like & she just screams. Its like there's something about him that she just doesn't feel comfortable with.

In the end I guess its no different to us, if we see/meet someone that we get a funny feeling about you don't warm to them as much as you would with others you know.

Carlie, Ella & Ky

hi kazi
my daughter is 22months and screams her bum of if men talk to her ,they say babies go through a stage from about 7months when they change and find it difficult with non family members,she is sloly gatting better with most of our visitors,there is one in particular that she wont leave my side the whole time he is visiting ( i dont like him either there is just something about him that doesnt sit right)we have alot of ,how shall i say non white friends but its not the colour she cares about,(try explaining her behaviour to a dark stranger ,i dont think they believe me that its there gender not their colour)put her in a party enviroment she is fine ,shopping centre and she doesnt care about the men,but one on one she hates them,i guess its something they'll grow out of.maybe

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

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