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will my baby remember? Rss

Hi all when our son was born, my hubby bonded straight away with him, he did everything for him, feed him (expressed breast milk), changed him, bathed him, you name it he did it, and our son loved every bit of it smile he was the only one who could settle him if he was crying, (well apart from if he wanted to be fed). I even kinda felt like all i was, was a baby milk machine tongue
My husband lives in the united states and we won't see him again until our son is 8 months old he is now 11 weeks.
He has concerns that he won't remember him. I have reassured him that he will because they had soo much time together and i constantly mention daddy to him and he laughs and laughs at me when ever i say, say dadadada. (i know he is too young to talk tongue) but hey it puts a smile on his face. I also show him pictures of daddy all of the time, he hears his voice over the phone and my husband recorded a message for him on his cot mobile, so when ever he cryes he hears daddy smile
Although i have reassured my hubby that all will be well, i'm not so sure, our son only sees me and his big sister at home now, and when my daughter plays the message se scans the room looking for daddy (it brings tears to my eyes) but doesn't see him and then cryes. He obviously misses his daddy lots, but will he be able to remember him when we go there?. My hubby is more concerned about this than i am, but now i am having doubts. Can anyone bring some light on this topic for me?.
Thanks in advance smile

Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

Hi, dunno if it's the same but similar. My father was a marine engineer and speant long periods away at sea from the tim I was born. He and my mum had three kids and we used to take a couple of days to settle when he came home but we always knew who he was and where he was.

He still works overseas for long periods of time now and my son who is now 11 months, adores him. His first word was Grandad and he always goes straight to him when he caomes home.

Don't panic. I'm sure it will be fine.
hello, babies only have a short term memory at that age, so no bub will not remember him persay, however, what you are doing with the photo of his dad everyday and even play a tape of his voice reading a story of nursery rhyms, this way your son will recognise his face and voice and respond with a smile rather than hide. your son may be picking up your feelings that are causing him to cry, babies are sentisitive

dee, NSW

Hi I’m practically in the same boat. I have a 7 mth old baby girl and my fiancé is an American, He is in the Army and we are moving back to the United States for good in October. Charles was only with out daughter from the day she was born and for 6 weeks after that. I’m sure she has no recollection of her dad. I know when we do go back its going to be a very testing time for all of us and we are all going to need patience all round. I also give her photos of her daddy and she too says dada, but at this age they don’t know who mommy is and who daddy is. She will looks at his pictures and then starts smacking the picture. What we do is when we are on the phone talking I will put the phone to her ear and he talks to her, she looks at me a bit unsure as to where the voice comes from but it's very cute. Web cams are good too, he gets to watch her almost every day and she can see him too, i take lots of pictures and use the movie setting on the web cam 20 second clips you can send online. Maybe you could get him to record himself on a camcorder reading a story book and play it too him everyday.



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