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Dad bonding with No2! Lock Rss

Hi everyone, hope someone might be able to help me!
My husband seems to have no contact with our new son. He has always been a champ with helping out when i need it but seems not really interested this time round. Don't get me wrong, if i ask him to hold our son he does with no hesitation, but i have never seen him interact with him unless i ask!
He is a great dad, and very busy with work and helping with No1, but i want him to play with our son as well!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe,
Did your hubbie have much contact with No. 1 when small or only when started to get older? My hubbie is much the same with our 5 mth old. Loves him to death, but doesn't have much time to spend with him due to work, etc but also still thinks much of the work is mums to do. And I have to ask him to do things for us too. I guess try and includ the 2 boys together and mention things that they wil be able to do together when he is older and do 'mini' things now like put him in the pram or highchair outside with his dad while he is working on the car, etc. It gives you a break and gives them extra bonding time.
Good luck.
Hi Ange,

My hubbie is the same with our second baby. We have a son who is 20mths and a daughter who is nearly 4mths. With our son he would jump at the chance to do everything and beat me in most cases however with our daughter he seems reluctant to spend a lot of time with her. He to loves her to death and on a number of occasions has said how glad he is that we had a girl but it is only when I ask he to do something will he actually do it - prefering more to take our son off my hands then spend time with our daughter.

Any ideas would be great.

Jenny, Qld mum of 2 under 2


I know this post is really old now... but what you've said here is exactly what I am going through now! My husband is a great dad, but doesn't seem to really bond with our babies until they are quite interactive. It makes me a bit sad really because the baby part goes by so fast. I have a 2 year old daughter and daddy dotes on her all the time, but he is very reluctant with our 4 month old son. I thought he'd be over the moon to have a son, but he doesn't seem all the keen to me any way at the moment. He is a great dad and when ever I ask him to do something for our son he does it without hesitation. Maybe it's just that dad's take longer to bond with our babies than we do...?

I know a lot of time has passed for you... how are things going?

Hey there
My hubby is the same as well...He is a SUPER Dad, with our now 3 year old daughter, he is and always has been fantastic, but as Michelle mentioned, I thought he'd be thrilled to have a son, but the bond just isn't there like it was first time around??? I know he loves our 8month old baby boy....but I don't know why the bond isn't there??? Maybe as Jaben starts to get older???? I think maybe it also has something to do with breastfeeding??? I only breastfed our first for a small time, this time I am still feeding???
Oh, well I know it will happen!!
Cheers to you all
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