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Rough day with mum, perfect behaviour for dad Rss

Don't you just hate it when you have had a tired and exhausting day with your little ones and they won't sleep when you want them to? The minute their dad walks in the front door they are perfect little angels sleep without any extra effort required to get them there? Really hate it when that happens as it makes it look like I have been exaggerating how difficult my day has been though hubby knows that it is tough when our little one has those difficult days. Does this happen to anyone else? At least I know that she can be like this with me as she feels secure with me to act up like this (well, this is what I tell myself to make me feel better and not that I am a bad mum!! lol).

Anyone else have this experience?
Hey Southaussie
I have this problem all the time, When I have had a bad day nothing gets done coz bubs has been grissling all day. So the house is a mess and my partner comes home and I say Ive had a horrible day and there is bubs playing on the mat talking and laughing. It looks like I have just been lazy and done nothing all day when I have been comforting a grumpy baby all day! Why do they do this?

Jess W.A, 4mth baby

i spend ALL day with Lillie i get all the food in my hair,the milk spew down my bra,a shower IF i can and the teething hell,then "daddy"walks through the door and its giggles and smiles all round as if to say"oh, i've been a little angel allllllll day daddy"
like u,hum....

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi southaussie when my partner gets home from work and walks in the door Jaye crawls up to her dad and laughs and smiles for him and im so tired from trying to do everything and looking after Jaye and half the time she does what she wants and when, her dad says that Im stressing to much over little things.

You are an FASTANTIC mum and our little darlings like to test us and see how far they can push us and they do a excellent job and I told my partner the other day that when we have another one he will be staying home and I will go to work and bring home the money while he looks after the children and the house.

He reckons he can do it better and what do you mums reckon?

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

I have the same problem several times a week. My DD can be really unhappy through the day, wont eat or have her bottles then refuses to have a nap even though she's sitting there rubbing her eyes red and grizzling. The as soon as DH walks in the door she's all laughs and happiness, meanwhile no dishes have been done, no clothes washed, and he has the nerve to ask me what i've been doing all day, he thinks i just sit in front of the telly or on the computer. I then proceed to tell him about my exhuasting day and he tries to compare it to his busy day, i know he works hard all day, but having a baby is not only physically exhausting it can also be emotionally exhausting.
Sometimes shes unhappy on the weekends as well when DH is off work and he sees what my days can be like, but then if im washing the dishes or sterilizing bottles, he'll just sit in front of the telly or computer and completely ignore DH cries for attention, nappy change, feed etc.

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