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some advise please Lock Rss

im worried about my hubbie, about 4 mounths ago we moved interstate for work purposes,and i have been noticing that he has been losing his temper and he losses his temper very easly, which has never happend before its like hes turning into a new angry man. when i fell pregnant it wasnt planed but i wanted to have this baby, so we disided to keep it, i started to notice that when i would start to talk about the baby, any thing to do this the baby or birth he would change the subject. i have asked him about it a hundred times and says that nothing is wrong, has any one else had any thing like this happen
please any advise would be great
Hey darl I know how u feel
My partner was awesome throughout my pregnancy, and was good when baby was born but then started losing it over minor things. Turned out he had post natal depression. Yes men can get it too just not well know about. He started seeing a phsic, which medicare paid for (get a refferal from ur doc) then hopefully he can talk to some one else about what he is thinking and feeling. U have to realise that havinga baby is a life changing thing not only for te female but the male too.
Congrats by the way. Kate
get him to doctors etc.... and if your are concerned with anger issues I would not be leaving the baby or your other child with him until he gets some medical help.
I agree with other replies but it might be hard to get him to the Dr.

Its sometimes hard for the dad to admit to having a problem, it could be depression due to the huge change of lifestyle or he might not think he is experienced anough to be a father.

Make sure he gets some time out to do something he likes to take away any stress (but make sure you are getting some time out or help too and that its not just all left up to you).

And maybe just try and reassure him he is doing a great job abnd tell him how much bubs loves him etc without making it obvious that your trying to hard.
I would try to get him some professional help if you can, dads get post natal depression too. He could be getting worried about bub coming with all the added stress of moving etc.
Hope he cheers up soon.
May be he doesn't want the baby right now. Men often gets irritated when it comes to take some responsibilities regarding a baby. Sometime they act as escapists.

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