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so I've been scanning through this topic for a while now- I noticed there are a lot of complaints about our DPs & DHs, I'm trying to imagine what my DP will be like when baby eventually arrives.
So, I thought that maybe some people would like to write the positive, funny & caring stuff they do that makes it all worth while?

For instance... my DP sits there every night knitting a blanket for the baby (he'd kill me if he knew I told tongue but I think it's cute)

He's painted (most) of the nursery, put together the furniture that has arrived & has just been so supportive with my ever-changing-moods.

I think they deserve a positive comments page!!


Knitting a blanket!! That is soo cute! Lol

Well my dp doesnt knit, and he certainly didnt put the nursery together. But he did suggest that we go shopping (he HATES shopping) so that he could pick out some clothes for baby. I jumped at the chance, so we did that.

He has put up with my mood swings, although i havent been too bad. If my back is hurting or my ribs are hurting he will always get my heat bag and heat it up for me so i dont have to get up. The other he emptied and staked the dishwasher gasp on his own accord because he could see how tired i was.

Lately baby has started going burko in my tum rolling all over the joint, and dp will sit by me and rub my belly and hold his hand on it and wait till he moves. The other night he was doing it and he did a huge roll and DP was like "oh my god did you just feel that!" umm no dear, i just have the baby inside my stomach and cant feel a

Last night he felt baby with the hiccups he was like gasp very cute. Its funny to watch his reactions to feeling movements now, because up until about a week ago, whenever he would come near me or touch my belly baby would just stop and do nothing, and then DP would walk away and baby would start up again.
my partner has been awesome! he keeps going on about how he cant wait to have the baby and the day we found out he went down to target and brought a jump suit and is putting in a/l days for all my appointments! I love my hubby so much
i have a wonderful DH and he is a grat father as well.

just last sunday i went to a baby shower in the afternoon. i got home at about 6pm to find my two boys, DS1 in his spiderman costume and DS2 in his pirate costume, sitting at the table eating dinner. my dinner was in the oven and DH was doing the dishes from cooking, saying he was waiting for me to get home to eat with me. soo nice to come home and not have to do anything. and the best thing is this isn't a once off thing, he is just great when it comes to that stuff, and especially now with me 30 weeks pregnant

i have trained DH well, he is a keeper tongue laugh grin
Aww that's so sweet my dp wouldn't have the patience to knit lol
Dp was great while pregnant he took time off so I could rest (went into prem labour with the twins)
He did a very sweet thing the other night gasp
He made me go have a bath with no kids in there miracle lol he then watched them while he vacuumed the house and put them to bed for me grin
One thing I must admit I love is when he comes home from work at a good hour is he lays on the lounge floor and the kids crawl and jump all over him there so excited to see him and it's just sweet to see how much they missed each other I could tear up watching it.
He actually admitted the other day his clucky!! He misses the newborn stage it threw me the twins are only nine months old
Love this thread!! My dp his not the most helpful round the house because he works all day but his amazing with our dd (17 months) she is his world and he makes sure she knows it he spends so much time playing with her and reading 2 her I love it to me that's more important than him helping with cooking, washin ect... We have another bub due in oct we r both very excited smile
Aaaaawwww knitting that is soooooo cute!
I have to say I have been so lucky with dh,he is a great dad and dh. He was absolutely besotted with both our boys from the moment we were pregnant. He painted the nursery n came shopping for all the big stuff. Was an amazing birth partner(he organised all my pain relief). He rushed out and bought them each their ownn special soft toy whenn they were born. He baths them most nights and has no problem changing nappies. He is always playing,, reading and snuggling with the boys. Hes not perfect but he is an awesome dad n dh, I wouldnt trade him most dayslol

I'm very bless to have my DH in my life. He is super supportive and loving and he's such a great dad. He loves looking after our DD, changing nappies, bathing, feeding, hanging out with her. Sometimes it's hard to keep them apart!

He has been there for me during some really depressing and tough times and he has seen me through it and I love him for that.

Sure he can drive me frickin nuts some days but today I like him laugh
I knew the first time I went to my DH's flat that he was a keeper!! It was clean and he even cooked a roast dinner for our first date!

He is a wonderful husband and a fantastic father! I have basically not had to lift a finger either pregnancy and he is just so wonderful with our DD. He has so much patiences!! and I love him dearly!!!
This is our first, when i told him i was going to breast feed he got upset and said he wanted to feed the baby too, so we organized a breast pumps and bottles and he is all excited, he painted the nursery, and is putting everything together, he always rubs my back when im on the lounge and pulls me to help me get up lol, and he makes loud noises, blows raspberry's,rubs, tickles, taps on my belly and will lye there and have a full on chat with the baby, the baby kicks his face in response.. i love how excited and happy he is, and all the effort he goes to each day no matter how tired he is.. i love how he says goodnight and kisses me then he does it to my belly... and when i walk out of the room says goodnight to the both of us...and when he leaves in the morning for work says goodbye and gives me a kiss then pulls back the covers and taps my belly and says bye..(waking him up for playtime for an hour) hes going to be a wonderful Daddy!!!
Well i'll share my story about my DP.
I gave birth via emergency C Section at 30 weeks. I then suffered severe complications and was in a coma in ICU for several days.
Anyway, my partner was in complete shock (as was everyone!) it all happened so quick, we had no warning! He stood by me and my family the entire time, not complaining once. He changed nappies, bathed her, fed her (by tube) etc etc. So he did EVERYTHING for the first few weeks whilst she was in NICU and for the weeks thereafter. To this day he still does alot for her, and I adore him for that.
So that's my story, I too think there is wayyyyyy to many angry posts!

He is Knitting???? That is so sweet. Well my dh always takes DD over to Mil and Fil's farm maybe 3 days a week so I can have a sleep in!!! They sit over there and have a coffee (not DD of course) and DD thinks it is great. I love it to! Even if I don't have a sleep I just watch some TV!!!

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