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LOVE this topic. I haven't been with my partner very long (surprise baby!) and didn't know what to expect from him with all the baby stuff...
But a few weeks ago i had a nasty scare when my midwife couldn't find my baby's heartbeat on the doppler, so had to have a scan the next day to confirm that I hadn't miscarried (all was well, bub was just hiding. was a scary 24 hours though). DP ran home from work the second I called him after the midwife appointment and stayed with me and gave me cuddles and looked after me and made me dinner was so lovely and also took the morning off work so I wouldn't have to wait for the afternoon ultrasound by myself. Gave me a lot of confidence in the dad he would become, felt really good!
My Husband is awesome, at the moment we are trying to get my son to take a bottle so that I can leave him for a few hours at a time. Ben tried for an hour the other night without complaining or asking for help, to try and get our 14 week old to take this bottle. He screamed the whole time. And if my husband can't help if baby stuff he'll do washing, cleaning or make tea. And when he gets home from work at night he takes over all nappy changes. his so good to me. He loves playing with his son.
lol my husband hasn't knitted anything for the baby (yet) but i can see him doing it! Really he deserves praise for just putting up with me and all my worries and hissy fits.

He is always happy to head out and get all the baby items that I forgot to get the last time we were out and to hear my worries and reassure me. He will clean the kitchen and lounge with out asking and will help out with dinner if i am struggling.

He works so hard with his full-time job and postgrad study I almost feel guilty about putting the pressure of a baby on him as well (almost wink)
My DF is a great Dad to our two son's. He works 10 hour + days and then comes home and plays with our almost 2 yr old DS1 til its time for him to go to bed, then he will cuddle with our 7 weeks old DS2 so that i can have a break from kids lol smile
On weekends when he is off work he will take DS1 around with him to do the yard work or he will do the washing if i havent had the time and clean the house..

I can not imagine my life without my family. wub
My DH is an amazing man! He works away and when he gets home he will let me have sleep in's clean, do the yard, look after DD etc, we are a team smile he really looks after us and has always helped with DD. He loves her and loves to play with her, it is really very sweet!

Way too many dads and partners seem to do nothing, I can't remember the person but I saw a quote the other day " you are not raising an inconvienience, you are raising your child" so very true!

Really lovely to hear of so many supportive partners in this thread smile


I for the first time was reading these forums about the complaints of dads and too was shocked.
I have the most amazing husband who cares for me and our daughter so well.
I had complications with my pregnancy at 32 weeks and spent 5 days in ICU and he sat by me the whole time.
We run our own business so after work everyday he would be by my side in ICU until late then get up and do it all again. Living on very little sleep as we were renovating also so our little angel had a bedroom.

Now still running the business he makes sure he is home to bath our daughter and get her ready for bed so I can have some mummy time (i.e have my own shower etc).
I don't know how I would get through everyday if I didn't know that he was coming home to be there.

Last weekend I kicked him out of the bed to settle our little one after she had been fed, after 2 hours he comes in and says "she still wont sleep and is trying to eat my arm, I think she is hungry again" I asked him why he waited so long and he told me "I wanted you to have a sleep in" - so so sweet. tongue
He is the most amazing dad and husband and I am very very lucky.

yesterday- DP 'practised' putting a nappy on a teddy bear. After terrorising the dog. haha. Poor dog.

My DH is fantastic with DS, has been right from day 1. When he gets home from work he practically shoves me out of the way to do the evening stuff with DS (Food, Bath, Book and Bed), gets up to him during the night without having to be asked, gets up most mornings to let me sleep in. Basically he is wonderful!
hi its been lovely reading these, thanks everyone.
i love it how my husband gets up for the kids (2yrs&3yrs) in the night every time cos i'm so tired and my Pelvis makes it hard to get up (21wks preg) then watches the kids in the morning while i sleep in as long as possible- then goes to work all day, comes home, helps with or makes dinner and plays with the kids till their bed time then sings them to sleep. Thanks honey smile
Partners first saturday off since bub is born and he did ALL the washing for me about 6 loads i reckon there was! Didnt even complain about it and he was extremly hung over from the v8's yesterday! He entertained bub majority of the day too! He also did the washing up and cleaned the kitchen for me! He was so great today = D
They sure deserved recognition after all. It's not easy in their part doing all those stuffs. I know it's hard for them, according to my observations. Men don't usually do that, you should be proud of them.
What a great topic..I would like to say my DH if amazing. I am due in 11 weeks and still working full time in a very busy little office. I got home tonight and was absolutely exhausted. My DH ran me a hot bath, lit my candles and while i soaked he did the dishes and tidied the kitchen before cooking.

Thank you sweetheart xoxox
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