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i did a mistake to my dp but he forgave me and as accepted my girl who he loves with all his heart like he does out kids together the love he shows her and that he said that she can call him dad and the way they play together makes me smile he took a while to forgive me but he said to me its not her fault she is an innocent little girl and i love that little girl
Awwwww its so lovely to read these.
My DH is great, i love the fact that after working 11hrs he comes home and lies on the floor and plays with our 3yr old and 11 month old. It makes me cry its so cute they love him to pieces and he loves them.
And EVERY weekend he gives me a sleep in and cooks for us its great. I am also 24 weeks preg with our "surprise baby" when i found i was obviously shocked as was on the depo injection but he made everything ok smile was very positive and me seeing how excited he was, made everything feel great.
My DP is fantastic. I am a working mum and he is a stay at home dad. He is studying full time, looking after our one year old and manages some of the house work and cooking tea. I love him to bits and could not get by without him. He is so excited about baby number two and is looking forward to being the best role model he can for them. I realise I am one lucky lady!
My DF is absolutely fantastic. To the point I even tried to nominate him for Australian Father of the Year (but the whole process confused me and I couldn't figure it out).
He is so extremely over joyed at bub#2 coming. He suggests our shopping trips, comes to all my appointments, has put in for 10 weeks leave when this bub is due, (2 weeks before hand just to help me out because I'll be all "big and squishy" and 8 weeks after, if bub is on time, to help with bub and DS), he gets so excited when bub moves, at the ultrasounds and hearing the heartbeat. He was the first to suggest names. I've decided to let him "catch" bub and announce the sex so he's feeling all important about that now. He researched all the different positions and options for giving birth, and "decided" that I would like a water birth haha.
He was unable to be in the birth for DS so he is very eager to show me that he is The MAN for the job this time.
So far with my pregnancy, I'm 20 weeks in and still crook as, my morning sickness is not easing up at all. Every day, he puts on loads of washing and puts it in the dryer (grrrr rain), cooks dinner (if he's home, he works night shift sometimes) cleans the kitchen, does all the house work. He gets up to DS when ever he can (sometimes he is just too wrecked and he can't). He'll work from 10pm til 6am and still get up at 9 to take DS to daycare so I can stay in bed. He drives me into work himself whenever he is able (I chose to continue going even though he insists I stay home and rest). He helps me get dressed when I need to, help me walk when I no longer can, cleans up my vomit if I can't make it to the bathroom. In the hospital he even helped me when my bladder decided to empty itself all over me in hospital because I was vomiting too much. He changes 9/10 nappies a day when he's home, he will ALWAYS do the pooey ones so I don't have to feel more sick. He organises with my parents the pick up and drop off of DS so it's of as little convenience to me. He never makes a big deal of the fact that I'm too sick to fool around, doesn't make me feel guilty or anything. He liases with my managers at work because I'm unwell and feeling very vulnerable. He runs out to get me petrol or if I "need" random foods in the middle of the night. He attempts his best to carry me (and my huge belly) from the bathroom back to bed when I just can't move anymore. He deals with my extreme moodiness and the depression I have developed due to being homebound and ill. He listens to my constant whinging, and will still get my heat packs or my (anti-nausea) drugs for me, even if he is feeling crook himself. Gosh, due to my moodiness, I just get soooooooo cranky at him at times, and looking at this list, I have no justification for it. I blame the hormones, because it's certainly not his fault.

All this, AND still finding time to organise our Sept 2012 wedding.

Bit of a novel, I know. I could write a million things more. But I'll leave it for now. Writing this sure has cheered me up.
My DH doesnt cook but he does clean the kitchen for me and the toilet and bathroom are both his jobs smile He works casually and studies fulltime and while im cooking dinner if i need help with DD he will come play with her and give her cuddles smile He is amazing and sacrifices so much financially for me and DD. So much so that i just bought him a new computer for his gaming (when he does get the free time haha).
Aw what a beautiful thread - great idea Steph smile

My DH is great - there is nothing he won't do with/for me and our DD. He is the most loving father and husband, seeing him be a father has made me love him even more! He is awesome...

Poor men, they do get a bad wrap most of the time <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

Lovely thread!!

My husband is a wonderful Dad, I couldnt ask for better!

I also agree that the mother as the sole child-rearer is a thing of the past. I hate it when Im asked if DS is home being 'babysat' by his dad... um no, DH is being a parent not a babysitter!
It's great to hear some positive stories about Dads and even though we are men we can also come up with some pretty excellent parenting ideas as well. Check some of them out at
Love this thread!
Think I got lucky with my husband, so do all my friends!
He cooks tea every night, (I'm usually feeding).
He does the grocery shopping (always has because he enjoys it, weird, and says I don't have a long enough attention span to get what we need and not what we don't need- cant actually argue with him on that either!).
He will hang the washing out and bring it in for me to fold and put away
He even organizes paying the bills.
All that is wonderful as with a 3 month old who is not the slightest bit interested in day sleeping, it's hard enough for me to keep the house clean, keep her fed and changed, and still remember to go to the toilet!
He never grizzles at changing a nappy or taking DD for 10 mins so I can have a shower.
When we first got home from hospital he wanted to get up and stay up with me for feeds, I talked him out of that, as sweet as the offer was.
Above all that he loves us unconditionally with everything he has and would do anything for us.
Hubby has been amazing since our little girl was born. Even from her birth, cutting the cord, giving her her first bath, he's been tirelessly looking after her and me. Im still recovering from the caesarian, Hubby has been taking the night shift for feeds and letting me sleep. He changes nappies, even the poopy ones, and even laughed when Bub spewed up all over his vintage Star Wars shirt. I cant fault Hubby. He has stepped up, and this parenting journey is so much easier cause he's putting in 50/50.

So great to see other great Dads out there, stepping up and being great role models for the next generation.
Hi my DH is a wonderful hubby and Dad. We has 2 children aged 11 and 8 who he has always doted on.
We had a surprise earlier this year when I found out that I was expecting, baby is due at the end of the week. Not planned, but he was over the moon when we found out. He has done so much to help this year...I only finished work at the end of last week. He has helped soooo much with the washing and the cleaning. Insisting that I have breakfast in bed on a sunday. He makes the absolute best bacon and poached eggs with English muffins. He has also cooked Sunday dinner for the past few months. Again insisting that I need to sit down and rest!
He is the sort of man who spends money on me and the kids first and then on himself last, so we try to remember to spoil him back smile
We met when I was only 16 and have been married 17 years, together for a few years longer than that. I am very blessed smile
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