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Ps. It's good to hear what dads are doing right smile most love their kids as much as we do!
my darling man cuddled me whenever i was having an emotional moment; was on call 24/7 for whatever craving i had; gave me the essential back or foot massage upon request; always addressed me and the bump separately when arriving or leaving; set up the furniture; tried everything in his power to make my life easier when i had morning sickness 24/7 for three weeks and he would have a nice bath waiting for me when i would get home in the wee hours of the morning from work. He even married me <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
Now that bub's here he does his share of the daily living tasks, brings him to me in the wee hours of the morning; and will be taking six months off work to look after him. Couldn't ask for anything better...

He even married me <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

That made me chuckle tongue

My partner was rathered concerned during the pregnancy about what he would be like as a father. He would say things like "I dont making a bottle and feeding the baby, but there is no way im changing a nappy" "I
My partner was rathered concerned during the pregnancy about what he would be like as a father. He would say things like "I dont making a bottle and feeding the baby, but there is no way im changing a nappy" "Im not getting up at night time to deal with the baby, thats a mothers job" etc etc. Once the bubba came, his tune changed somewhat... he seen how tired and stressed i was in the morning, after spending the night on feeding duties, and then getting up and then dealing with an active toddler during the day, as well as housework, and a newborn. So he decided that twice a week, he would do night shift, but wake me to change the nappies. This worked well, and it helped alot. Anyway one day when the bubba was a bit older, he was at home with both the kids, while i went to a doctors appointment. Now we all know doctors dont run on time, so i went from being gone for approx one hour, to 3. When i arrived home, my partner had the biggest smile on his face, he was sooo proud of himself. When i asked why he was sooo happy, he replied with "I changed my very first nappy, cos just after you left the boy s**t himself, and i couldnt just leave him in it. I bathed both the kids, did some of the housework, and booked a table for dinner" Ever since then, he has been alot more hands on with the kids. He works away for 28 days, so for the 28 days hes home, he does night shift, and baths both the kids every 2nd night, helps get the kids organized, dressed, fed in the mornings, and packs the nappy bag, puts the kids in the car when were going out and cooks dinner. He has gone from being distant with the kids, to extremely hands on, all because i was delayed at the doctors. smile
I just think every one of these replies is awsome, my DH was excellent during both my pregnancies and deliveries, laughter can really help with pain!!!!! He knew instictively when I really needed him to come and even just hold my hand. Did so much housework whilst I was pregnant and is still very good when needed. Is awsome with our 2 children, one of which is just 13 weeks old. He got so upset once when he couldn't settle our newborn daughter as he thought he was failing, I had to let him know that sometimes I have problems settling her as well, it's just a newborn thing to do. I have to say though probably the best thing he did was epilady my legs because I couldn't reach whilst I was pregnant. It would take 2 hours cause he would do the whole legs not just the bottoms and never once did he complain! Some times it's the little things that show how much they care!
i just had my bub 2 weeks ago and my partner is a dream when i was pregges he did everything he could he came to most apptments (other then when he was working) he set up the furnitue (even sanded the cot and stained it dark brown for me even though we bought it in a light coffie shade and he didnt under stand y it made such a dif but he did it anyway smile lol),he was there for the hole birth 14 hrs even though he not so good with blood and was such a help i couldnt of done it without him,and now that were home he gos to work at 4pm comes home at 10 -11 then looks after bub with all the feeds till 3pm (so i can get some real sleep)smile then comes to bed sleeps then sleeps till 11am then is up to start the day all over again he does so much with bub hes a natrul and he still has the energy to put up with all my moods and crying(there been alot) smile
I thought I'd kick off my first post in the forums with something positive smile This is for the single mums out there who might be wondering how Dad will react when baby turns up...I know it can be tough watching all your happily partnered friends at times! Well, when I had my first two boys my husband was violent and substance abusing, and life was pretty terrible. When he was having a good day, he tried his best to be involved and help out, but over time he just succumbed to the substance abuse and eventually I left. For years after I left I and his family tried really hard to keep him involved with the kids, but there was just a lack of interest on his part, as he was too caught up in his lifestyle and couldn't seem to get away from it. However about two years ago he suddenly seemed to wake up, and started the process of getting clean, and re-engaging with his kids. Over the last two years he has slowly, through hard work and being consistent, gained my and the boy's trust, and now we're at the stage where he has the boys ever third weekend and we share holidays. It's still a work in progress, and I'm still doing the main parenting, but he is present as their father, and they couldn't be happier. We have a meal together as a family at drop off and pickups (usually a BBQ or takeaway) and I'm now able to ask him to follow up on behavioural/homework stuff we're working on. So, this is not a fairytale Disney ending, but hopefully a little ray of hope for those of you at the pointy end of single parenting. Over the Christmas holidays he took the boys fishing, bought them bikes for Christmas and took them riding every day, went bushwalking, played soccer and did lots more Dad stuff...all stuff that I am not great at and they need. Oh, and I got a nice little break while they did that smile Sometimes the 'deadbeat dads' get their act together, and if you can find it in your heart to forgive a little, both you and the kids stand to gain a lot!
Knitting a blanket is probably the cutest thing I have heard!

Mine works alot, 16-20 hour days 8 days in a row and gets 2 off. Every night he help with feeding the baby while I cook tea, he helps get the bath ready even tho I know hes exhausted. And on 1 of his days off he will get up to the baby in the morning. At the moment he has a broken elbow so isnt going to be able to pick up or help with the baby until the baby is almost 5 months old (he is 3 months at the mo!) and even tho he cant help he still tries, like getting baby in bouncer and tries to feed him with his good arm (which is actually sore too but not broken) and still tries to run round after me!
He also managed to put the cot together with one hand!

The other night the lounge was a tip and I was just too tired to clean up so I was going to leave it til morning. When I got up in the morning he had cleaned up smile Seriously, since having a broken elbow he has been trying to help out more! I think he feels bad coz there are points in the day where I have him and the baby crying at me for something!

And I just wana say something about positive grandads! My dad (who works 2 jobs) came and mowd our lawns and cleaned up all our gardens because neither of us had the time to do it!

Dads are awesome.

Hi this is a lovely idea we all seem to whinge about our other halves and rarely give them enough credit.
I have a DD from a previous relationship and a 2 month old DS with my partner now. My DP and I have been together since my DD was 6 months old and he is amazing with her. They absolutely adore each other. I love him so much because of how good he is with her and our baby boy too. DP is great he helps cook diner and he even changes the aweful explosive poos with out complaint which is just the best.
Love this topic!

When our eldest DS was born it took us a little while to work out a routine and DH and I were often both tired and cranky because we tried to "share the pain" of the night time feeds. But then we agreed I would do the night time feeds and he would take the morning shift. This has ended up being the best thing we could have done as not only are we both better rested, but it has meant that he has been able to have regular quality time with the kids (all three of them now!).

He even has a weekend ritual now with the eldest two (2 and 4 years) where he takes them to the newsagent in the mornings and then the bakery to get a special treat. The local store owners even know them by name now!

He also helps out a lot with chores around the house and will put in extra effort if I get sick, but I think their morning routine is just really special!

Aha love this thread. Sometimes i feel guilty telling my friends whay DP is like because he is such a good freind and partner to me. We were only together 7 months when i fell pregnant, although already talking about getting a house (him being 21 in March this year and i'll be 22 in August) and since the first scan he has never done anything but be good to me. He kisses my tummy goodnight, When i popped all of a sudden on friday he was cute, didnt say a word and just stared at me and i was like What? and hes was like woooahhhh your fat all of a sudden, i had to laugh coz its all new to him, and I love his msgs asking where his son is when im out and making sure i eat but not coz im hungry, because his son needs to eat. I think he is going to be great, although we're young we're best friends and having a baby will add another to our soon to be love triangle smile
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