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DP worried bub wont bond well when he re-joins the Army Lock Rss

Hi Ladies, I'm new here on the forum, I've posted once in a different thread relating to Tattoos. Anyhow. As the title states my DP is re-joining the Army and is worried our baby (due in 3 weeks or so) wont remember him or bond well with him when he comes home. He leaves early June at this stage so he'll have a month with her. He'll be doing a six month stint in Sydney, then 18 months in Brisbane. While he's in Sydney we'll have Skype set up, and once he's posted to Brisbane we'll move house...

Basically long story short I'm just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation and how their baby and partner went, and what kind of things you did to reassure Him.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
My partner is currently army. My partner did a 8mth trip overseas when our daughter was only a few week old and has spent many more months away in his nearly 10yr stint in the army as they do.. Basically its just one of the sucky things about the defence having them away so much and for so long.. The kids wont remember them and have had it with both my kids.. My partner is currently away atm and this is the first time our son will remember his dad whilst he has been away.

Having skype, phone calls and photos of dad will help a bit and it will take time when your partner actually gets home for the kids to adjust to another person in there lives. My children never took it well having him back and it took time but its just one of the joys of the defence but in the end they will be fine.

Thanks Cheekie_Chopz, appreciate the advice. I have a feeling He'll be going overboard with photos now lol.
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