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Hi. Im 44 and having my 6th child in December. I was wondering if there are any other mums to be out there around my age.
Hi I am a 44yr old mum to a 17yr old dd & a 3 1/2yr old ds.

Wow how do you manage with 5 kids & one on the way. I find it hard being an older mum. Other mums I have met are all about half my age.

Your welcome to pm me. I may not answer for a little while as my moden stopped working last night & I am using my mobile atm . Cannot get my huggies messages on mobile.

my other children are 24, 22, 19, 12, and 2
Hi there I am 42 will be 43 in sept this yr I am pregnant with my 5th child and I am also due in December. Hope all goes good for you be good to talk to someone in similar situation.
Guys, my computer is up and running. If you want to pm feel free. It is nice to talk to other older mums. xx

hi ladies, I'm almost 41 and pregnant with my fifth child. Anyone else been suffering from midwife saying they are old and will need to be induced?
JH79Ed, I have never heard of a midwife saying that. Are you sure thats what she is actually saying. Sounds strange to me. You have had babies before so you know the drill. Just stick with your plan and go and have your baby. If you have to be induced, c-section or whatever then I guess just go with it. You will be fine. xx

seen obstetrician and HE said the same! both adamant that because I've had four babies and I'm older that there's a higher risk for the baby. This one is measuring large, but they got that wrong for the last two babies. I also have fibroids (but they're minuscule). I'm due mid July, but they are talking about inducing 4 July
My name is Michelle.I am 42 and due with my 3rd child on Sept 8th. I have 2 girls from a previous marriage aged, 22 and 17. I haven't been told I need to be induced due to my age, but they are doing another ultrasound at 32 and 36 weeks to check that the baby isn't small due to my age.
I am 40, have a 9 month old, plus other children aged 10, 8 and 5. I feel old when I'm out and see all the 20 something mothers with babies, but otherwise feel no different than when my first born. I haven't found it any harder, and no problems with being pregnant. I would probably consider having another one but the severe morning sickness puts me off, and by the time my little one is old enough that I could cope with her and the nausea I will be another year older and I feel like I would be pushing it a little far! Good luck to all you others who are expecting right now.
Hi! smile I am almost 38 and am expecting my 5th baby. My other 4 children are going to be 21, 19, 14 and 13 when this one arrives. I had them between the age of 16 to 24. Hearing Doctors say I am "high risk" due to my age is all new to me and not at all comforting! I have previously had 1 C-Section followed by 3 Natural Births but never once went into Labour without being induced. I'm expecting the same with this one...but who knows!?
I am 40! Due in Febuary so just found out. We have been trying for a little while. I am very excited but a bit nervous of people reactions.
We have two boys already who are 7 and 9 years old and will be over the moon to know they are having a new baby brother or sister.
We will wait until i am 13 weeks to tell them.
Off to the doctor's tomorrow to find out all about the scan's etc i will need.
How did people respond when you lovely ladies told them you were expecting.
I kinda figure if people aren't happy for us then they aren't real friends.
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