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  5. another game if anyone is up for it :)

another game if anyone is up for it :) Lock Rss

ok say one thing your mum/dad/granny etc used to say to you that you now realise is total bull hicky or maybe its something you have said to your kids

for example: dont eat watermelon seeds or a watermelon will grow in your belly and you will blow up lol

My dad used to tell me to stick out my tongue if he suspected me of lying as a child. He would then 'inspect the dots on my tongue, he said new dots would form when you lied. grin I now know better! lol

LOL love those ones mo3c and missy.
heres some more:
dont pull faces when the wind changes your face will stay like that
sit to close to the tv and you will get sqaure eyes

My dad would say to me not to poke my belly button or my bum would fall off.
Then every Christmas mum and dad would tell me that i had to wait for the Christmas tree to "Drop" before i could decorate it, i went on believing this until a few years ago.
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