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Adenoids and fussy eating Lock Rss

Hi there,

My dd (who has a long list of allergies), is 5years old and is going to have her adenoid removal procedure later this year and is an extremely fussy eater - tending to stick to fairly bland foods like pasta or toast. I've always thought that if she can't breath she can't smell therefore can't taste her food. For her the equivalent is every day its like having an extremely blocked nose. The poor thing doesn't know any better.

I just wanted to check with other mums (who have kids with large adenoids) to find out if their children are incredibly fussy eaters as well?

My ENT said it's highly likely the enlarged adenoids is the reason behind his fussiness. I've addressed this with doctors and other specialists but don't really get the help I need. She's above average height and looks as healthy as a horse so no one ever seems too concerned when they look at her.

I'm hoping after this op she'll get back her sense of smell and want to try new foods but I just wanted to see if anyone was having a similar experience? The poor thing has so much trouble breathing and a lot of complications from this so I'm really pulling my hair out about it!

Thanks! I look forward to your reply.
Hi, is she 5 yrs or 5 months?

Dd2 is 3 and had hers out along with tonsils and grommits.

She was also always snuffly and mouth breathed a lot.

But she is not a fussy eater, she ate a reasonable variety of foods as much as you can expect from a 3 yr old. After the op her diet didn't change but what has changed is her weight. Its been 2 months since her op and she has put on 1.5 KGS. While it doesn't seem like she is eating more, she must be and coz she is no longer fighting infections must help her body gain weight.
Yes she is 5years sorry for the mistake... Thank you MamaMum, it really made me feel good that another mum is doing good with the same condition. I went to the ENT this week and he recommended I use glass bottle feeders (the BPA may have made the adenoids worse, he said). After doing what the ENT said, my dd started eating more. She's alternating bottle feeding with solid food up till now. I had cherub baby wide neck glass bottles with wondrous sleeves (luv it).
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