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and the bitchy-ness begins Lock Rss

yesterday at school a little girl accidently spilt one of the mums drinks. The mum told the child off and was dropping the F bomb (mind you its not her child). She made a huge seen about it. The child appologised and the mum turned her back on the 3 yr old child and ignored her.
Now this mother is ignoring the childs mother and myself (because im friends with the childs mother) all over a spilt drink.
Its like we are in high school. I dont even have anything to do with it but have seemed to be dragged in the middle of it.

I dont even think i want to be associated with someone that can be so cruel to a little kid. Not only that she must of said something to her own daughter (negative of course) because now her daughter is ignoring us. Why get your child involved?

Im there to drop and pick up my kid and make sure he is happy and safe at school not to be involved in such childish games. She is making it very uncomfortable for everyone.

What would you do in this situation?? should i just go on my merry way ?? it was just a drink for goodness sake.

The Quirky T wrote:
Oh wow how pathetic honestly yeah definitely just ignore her and go in your merry way lol

It is, isnt it. I just couldnt believe a grown adult could act like that.

Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
I would just ignore the whole petty situation TBH.

You are only being ignored by association and anyone with a brain in their head is going to get the idea pretty quickly that the mother in question is overreacting to the situation.

"Yay" for mothers behaving like teenagers roll eyes

I thought this stuff ended in high school and i tried to avoid it then too. Im not one for petty useless behavior like this. I got too much on to play into these games.

*Mimsy wrote:
Agh, hate stuff like that. Yep, I would just ignore the whole situation. Unfortunately, natural selection hasn't picked up on immature byatchiness. Shame.

lol yes its a shame tongue
When you say ignore the situation do u think i should still say hello ?? As she didnt even look at me today? Im so foriegn to these goings on i have no idea what to do. AAAAGHHH i hate this.

that is beyond childish and petty, I can't even comprehend how someone behaves that way?! Sorry merryberry, it sucks you have to deal with the awkwardness. I think I'd give this person a wide berth if possible.
Thanks ladies smile I appreciate the suggestions and am taking them on bored. Like u have said im just going to be polite and merry wink and distance myself in the nicest possible way.

It has made me feel crappy as i hope it doesnt spill to much down to the kiddies.

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