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weird question curious on answer Lock Rss

Hey girls this is weird but curiosity has got the better of me does anyone kno roughly how much a placenta weighs ??? Coz im 31 weeks and have only put on 7 kgs and im just hoping my son is still putting on weight I havnt put any weight on apart from my belly so im lucky just very curious tnk u
I can't answer your question completely but I loose weight when pregnant - I'm overweight and develop gestational diabetes in pregnancy so am a lot more careful about how much I eat to keep sugar levels under control etc. With my first I was weighed 2 days before I had her and weighed myself again when leaving hospital, she was 3.66kg at birth and I was an extra 10kg lighter than I'd been just before delivery. With my 2nd and my 3rd I dropped about 5kg with the birth and they were 3kg/3.3kg at birth. I don't know if that fully helps with your question because I don't know how much of the extra 6.5kg with DD1 or 2kg with DS and DD2 was from the placenta directly and how much was fluid etc but it might help a bit.

Oh awesome that is very helpful tnk u Im lucky enough that I dont have diabetes and every midwife app they dont seem concerned with the sml amount of weight iv put on I was just hopin he was growing ok iv been eating plenty and quiet healthy to tnk u so much for ur reply I appriciate it
I put on 10 kg with the first and she came out a healthy 8pound 3. With the second I put on 8kg in total and he came out at an even bigger 8pound 13. Currently have put on 6kg with this pregnancy and have 3 weeks to go but the midwife is thinking round the same weight as usual. Babies tend to absorb what they need and leave you with the scraps hehe...
Oh wow u didnt put on much weight either hehe there cheeky leaving us with the scraps smile not long for u to go now how exciting
my first time i went from 50 to 98kg, post baby i was 65 then after loosing baby flab iv never gone below 55kg, this pregnancy i started at 60kg, and am already sitting at about 68-70

I only put on about 7 kgs in my pregnancy, and my boy was a healthy 6 1/2 pounds. Don't worry to much about your weight. As long as your ob/doctor is happy with the scans then you are ok.
Tnx so much girls xx
I put on about 6kg with two of my children and they weighed 6lbs 9oz and the other 6lbs 15oz. This time I put on about 10kg and she was early weighing 5lbs 10oz, I still have 5kg to get rid of.
That sounds ok at 31 weeks. From now on yiu gain weight faster, so roughly 500g a week now which means by 40 weeks you'd gain about 12 kg which is perfect! I gained 11 kg total but dd was born at 36+4. I then lkst 9kg the week of her birth and was back to pre baby weight in 2-3 weeks. My ob said this was good. I did eat heaps too but I think if you gain a good amount of weight and stay fairly active your body goes back to normal pretty quickly. Sometimes its just lucky genes too!

With dd1 and dd2 I put on 7kg and 7 1/2kg and with dd3 I put on 2kg. My starting weights all differed but I never weighed more than 70kg when I went into labour.
Dd1 was 16 days early and 2.55kg (5lb 10oz), dd2 was a day late and 3.29kg (7lb 4oz) and dd3 was 19 days early and 2.92kg (6lb 7oz).
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