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skin pigmentation Lock Rss

Hey ladies so I have red pigmentation in my cheeks but it has become worse in my pregnancy to the point where my dad asked what was wrong with my face ????any suggestions on how I can minimise this
Sorry I have no advice on minimisation, but this did happen with me when I was pregnant with DS1, I am now pregnant with No.2 and I haven't had it at all.
Apparently the first time we are pregnant to our partner our body can over react slightly to having their foreign DNA in our system, but the 2nd time around (as long as it is the same guy) the reactions don't seem to be so bad.
I also had a bright red nose that was about half as big as it usually was - attractive!! I don't think my midwife really believed me when I told her, but when she came for our 6 week check she was surprised to see that I was no longer red faced and had a normal sized nose!! lol smile
Sorry no advice, but hopefully better next time round smile

Haha our bodies do weird things dont they tnk u for ur advice I appriciate it
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