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My 11mth old seems to hate being with me Lock Rss

Hello everyone. My name is Scott and my 11mth old is Colton. Ever since the start Colton seems to hate being with me. This unfortunately is starting to effect my relationship with Colton's mom. If my wife is in the room me and Colton can play on the floor and seems very happy but when his mom gets out of sight all he will do around me is scream. And scream to the point of throwing up. He refuses to eat for me. All the things he loves to do when my wife is around he suddenly hates when she is not. I love this little boy so much I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel so bad for my wife that she can't leave him with me. She can't even get in the shower without him. Not only do I feel bad for my wife but the whole situation is starting to make me very depressed. I feel so useless and helpless.
Do any of you have any experience with anything like this? Maybe some things I can do to make things better?
Thanks in advance
Hi Scott,

Just wanted to let you know that this is common behaviour. My daughter went through this and my son is currently going through this now. My husband gets upset about it as he takes it personally. All babies and toddlers go through seperation anxiety and get distressed anytime their main care giver (usually mum)leaves the room thankfully they all out grow this as I know how hard it is on both parents. Mum just wants a break and dad thinks his baby doesn't like him.
I find the best way for my husband to stop my son from crying is by distracting him with something he really likes. It doesn't always work but sometimes it does. I think all you can really do is be patient and know that this will pass.
All the best smile

It's not a pleasant time. Dd had separation anxiety from 6 to 8 months and wouldn't be with her dad either. She wanted me, but still grizzled a lot even with me. We played lots of peek a boo with a blanket to teach her object permanence plus she loved it so it helped her bond with dad. If I left the room, I always said bye bye, and that I was coming back and then said hello when I returned. We decided trust would be built better by not forcing her to be with dad if she wasn't happy.
It was still a very grizzly, cranky, clingy time and towards the end I thought I might have a meltdown. DP booted me out of the house one day while she was napping and she woke up to him and not a problem. It didn't happen overnight, but from there DP started feeding her, then bathing her, then putting her to bed and 7 months later she loves him as much as me. For another month or so, she wanted me if I was there but was fine when I wasn't.
Part of it for dd was frustration over not being able to get where she wanted and it eased a lot when she started crawling. I understand most babies go through this phase around 12 months + so hopefully walking and beginning to understand more words helps too. I found going to playgroup helped introduce her to new people and situations which improved her coping mechanisms too.
Good luck, it passes with time, empathy and effort. smile

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