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Successful pregnancies after implanon removal Lock Rss

Hi all, I had my implanon removed after 2 and a half years in June 2014. Me and my husband were wanting to conceive, but were not really actively trying. We had just moved to another state, trying to adjust to our new lives. New home new jobs we were both so tired we only had sex once in August and what do u kno I was pregnant. I had one cycle in July after the implanon removal. Sadly things just didn't feel right with the pregnancy I tried to suppress the feelings and just chalk it up to me being paranoid but sadly two day ago I went to the er complaining of a persistent headache and heavy pressure when trying to use the bathroom. They did some blood tests and stated my hormones were very low and they also had saw some blood when doing the pelvic exam. I am currently going thru a miscarriage and both me and my husband are driving our self crazy with the why question. I had started to read my different forums about conceiving after the implanon and have read many sad stories similar to mine of miscarriages after conceiving quickly after the implanon removal. Just wondering if anyone can share there stories of pregnancies after the implanon. I seem to think it's the reason behind my miscarriage although I could also just be looking for a reason. I have a beautiful five year old girl and had No problems with my pregnancy with her. Me and my husband are just devastated and now I'm scared to try to conceive again. I'm worried the implanon did something to me. I can't handle another miscarriage this one is already taking me on an emotional roll coaster
I have never had implanon but a friend had it for 3 years, had it out and they fell pregnant after 3 months and had healthy girl smile she's 35 so she was very worried!

Good luck, sorry for your loss

I had to get an implanon instead of the pill because I began to get migraines with auras and wasn't allowed the pill anymore. I had the implanon for just over 2 years before it started making me a bit crazy! My partner and I were just moving in together and the plan was to try for a pregnancy after we were all settled. It came out a bit earlier than planned and within 24 hours I could feel a difference in my brain! It still took us 6 months to fall pregnant after taking it out - not for lack of trying! I was 34 when I conceived and was worried until I could consistently feel her moving. Luckily it all went fine and she is now 3 months old.
My recommendation to you would be to give your body a bit of time to return to normal after chemical contraception. I had 15 years of the pill and implanon and was beginning to worry that it wouldn't happen at all when we finally got pregnant. I know its hard but just give yourself a chance. Let your body have a bit of time to recover and then try again. My sister miscarried when trying for her second and was then pregnant again on her next cycle, that baby is about to turn 4. Its entirely possible that this was just a normal miscarriage - as devastating as that can be.
Good luck and I hope it all works for you.
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