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sit ups??? Lock Rss

Hi ladies i had my son 3 months ago and was just wondering if anyone knows how long u need to wait to do sit ups i had slight muscle seperation so got some light tummy excercises to start with i would love any opinions
You should be right to do sit up now. I had 2 C-sections was told to make sure in the first 6 weeks to do pelvic floor exercises and lots of walks then after my 6 week check I was told I could return to normal exercise routine.

I hope that all is going well.

Tnk u so much i had a natural birth and am doin pelvic floor excersises but my 8 week check up went well. Tnx for replying how old r ur kids
I'm a huggies oldie. My DD is 8 years old and I also have twin boys who are 5 years old.

Huggies was a great support when I had my kids so I still pop in now and then.

There is nothing wrong with that its great to get opinions off everyone and the support on here is great to
Could not agree more. Enjoy your DS as they grow so quickly.

This may ne silly but what does dd and ds mean i see it all the time
Not silly at all! DD is dear/darling daughter and DS is dear/darling son!

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