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Help Plz .. MY Baby breastfeeds but he wont stop screaming Lock Rss

This is my 1st baby he's 2weeks old ... he wants 2 eat breast milk all day an night an acts like he's staving still an just keeps screaming .. and he's having a hard time poop as soon as I get him 2 sleep he start 2 fart wake up an scream ... I tried gripe water . It helped pass the gas .. but he only poops once a day and acts like he's trying 2 poop half the time he's awake screaming .. I'm so sleepy plz help sad I feel so help less .. is my breastmilk no good
He sounds like my DS1 who had the most terrible wind - could you see a lactation consultant who may be able to help you with your latch? That was our problem and it did help seeing a LC.
I found it so hard with the first one, I really do know how you feel. We recently had No.2 and we have had wind troubles again, but at least this time we had some idea what the problem was, although it has still be pretty disheartening.

Poor you and bub! It could be so many different things from latch to over supply, fore and hind milk supply problems. Sometimes these things start with something easy to fix but escalate into other problems, including sleep issues and it all seems so hard. So definitely seek some professional advice.

In our case, dd snacked frequently as she wasn't staying awake long enough to fill up. So I developed an oversupply and over active let down which she struggled with and she was getting too much foremilk which was giving her wind and wasn't enough of the hind milk to help her sleep. It becomes an awful cycle. It took a couple of weeks to sort out once I was given the tools and advice to manage it.

Hope it all eases soon. All the best.

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