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Choosing Surnames Lock Rss

Okay this has probably been spoken about before but I couldn't find that many blogs about it.
What are peoples thoughts on having both surnames as one, unhyphenated surname?
Babys dad & I aren't married, we have been together for 6 years and tried to concieved for 1 so baby was planned.
I just feel odd giving baby his dads surname only. As if its more his child than mine, that & my mother did mention that what if down the track something were to happen & we did seperate baby then has his name. (Not that I want or think we will seperate, but no one knows the future).
We both have uncommon strange names so they don't sound the best together that's the only thing.. they are both short but strange names so put together it makes them sound more odd.
What are peoples thoughts on this & what have you done in this situation??
i understand where you are coming from! my partner and i have been together 10 years but not married, our first born has his last name but now that we are expecting number two i have seriously considered hyphenating (both our names are long and dont go well together so would be a slight mouthful and a bit odd in both our opinions) my partner is REALLY against the idea LOL but i think its only fair, how does your partner feel about the idea?

so at the moment i cant offer advice but you are not alone grin
If they're short, hyphenated probably would look the least strange? Also could yours be the middle name?
When it came to naming our 3.5 yr old my husband and I decided to have my maiden name as his middle name. I know its different circumstances but thought I would put down what we did.
I would hyphenate the names if you want to use both names
My children all have my partners surname and I honestly never considered it to be a problem. It's funny because our surnames are both short his having only four letters and mine having only five and both our surnames have the same first three letters. So often people think it's a misprint. It wouldn't make a difference if our names were majorly different though, I'd actually prefer it.

Ideally we would have the same surname, but in regards to them having his surname and not mine, it would make no difference to me personally whether we were still together or separated.

Hey, me and my partner took sooo long to find our first borns sons name. I myself have a hyphenated name, and hes got quite a long one too. We decided to give our son one each of our last name and it fits perfectly. It might sound weird now but maybe once you get the hang of saying both last names a lot you may get used to it. Plus i know some mothers who have only used their last names whilst still with the father. Do what you feel is right
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