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im very worried Lock Rss

i need some advice. i have been spot bleeding since yesturday its very light brown discharge with brown string thing in it but only when i wipe, nill pain or crapming. im a first time mum so very worried. see the doctor nill help there. wouldnt answer any my question. just have to wait till blood test result. any one experience the same thing
I had some brownish discharge at 10 weeks. My mw said not to worry if brown. My little one was fine.
I had spotting during early pregnancy, pretty similar to what you described. Mine lasted from around 5-10 weeks in two of my pregnancies and have two healthy children. Hopefully your blood test results are good, so they can see hcg rising. I'd ask for a referral for an ultrasound, that way you can get more peace of mind. Good luck.
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