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Help please!! Ive done so many pregnancy tests and they've all turned up possitive 10 tests to be exact very faintly but definitely positive then today i used the "first response digital test" and its given a not pregnant result sad i dont know what to think!
Blood test smile
Go for blood test. It gives accurate results.
You should test your pregnancy in a reputation hospital. Then you can clear it. Thank you.
NACE- Non Invasive Prenatal Test for Pregnant women

NACE (non-invasive prenatal test) test is 100% safe for you and your baby. It is as simple as a
routine blood analysis. A small blood sample taken from the arm that is sufficient to run the test.
NACE test is a new type of genetic test that screens for birth defects and inherited diseases. The
NACE is to detect birth defects such as neural tube defects, Down syndrome, chromosome
abnormalities, genetic disorders.
You can confirm the pregnancy by three test Urine test, blood test and final ultra sonography. Urine test you can try at home as well. But urine test will give you false negative or false positive results. Blood test will give you more reliable results about your pregnancy. Blood test can give you the result, even in the early stage of pregnancy. Ultrasonography may be used to visualise the foetus in your womb. But scan will give you a clear picture after 4 weeks of your last menstrual cycle. A new digital test you can try. It detects two types of hCG, hormones your body starts producing shortly after you've conceived.Doctor will clarify you more on this.
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