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Baby nearly chocking all the time when feeding at 8months Lock Rss

Hi, every one (friends,doctors) have been telling me i need to start giving my son finger foods i have been trying but every time he starts to choke when it comes to swollowing he will eat the 7month purees and the teething bread stick things fine but any thing els and he will choke on it the doctor and every one says he is ready to eat finger foods tried to give him bannana after i saw other babys his age were eating slices of it so i gave him a little bit to feed him self and he choked on it. How are you ment to feed a child finger food when every one says his ready but when it comes to it his not, im worried im letting him fall behind because he cant eat the things his friends eat should i try more or should i just give up and keep giving him 7 month old purees? his 8 months now

Are you sure your baby is choking and not just gagging? There's a big difference as choking is dangerous whereas gagging is not. A lot of babies gag when learning to deal with more texture in their food. If your baby is choking then they're not ready.

If you don't think your baby is ready you can always stick with purees for another few weeks then try to increase the texture again. Some babies learn best if you very slowly thicken the purée and make it more chunky whereas others like to go straight to finger foods. There's some good baby puff foods which are finger foods that your baby can pick up and move to their mouth but they dissolve to mush in they mouth which can also help as a stepping stone to solids.

If your baby is just gagging then I think it's best to to not let them see you worried and let them work out how to move the food around in their mouth. It's part of learning to eat.

Perhaps take your baby to a child health nurse and have them watch your baby eat. They'll be able to help see if your baby is ready. We had lots of trouble with introducing solids for my first child and the child health nurse we saw helped heaps and basically told us to think of food before one is just for fun. Treat food as a fun learning time and almost all babies will get there by their first birthday. It's not a race.

Also personally I think it's worth doing a baby first aid course so that you're prepared if your baby does choke on food.

Hope that helps.
The above advice is all good. Also, just move along with things as you feel your baby is ready. Don't take too much notice of the advice of others when they tell you you should be doing this and that at whatever age. Your baby is yours, and you aren't going to do him life-long damage if you do things your way I promise. He will learn to eat properly if you don't give him finger food until he is two!
I was always afraid of my babies choking, i hated all the gagging they did, and so I introduced things much slower than the recommendation, and they all eat just fine now. 8 months old is very young, so I wouldn't be giving him chunks of banana either. Some grated cheese or grated apple I found was good, but I avoided chunks.
Thank you! I was starting to think i was letting him fall behind by going at the safe pace for him as the doctor says bigger chuncks and the other babys his age are eating crazy things, its so hard with the first baby have to learn every thing together but thank you for all the great advice it has put my mind at eez
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