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Empty sac at 5 weeks Lock Rss

Hi everyone. I think I'm around 5 weeks. Took myself to emergency last night as I had been cramping all day and then started spotting pink. It's since died down and hardly anything today. I had an internal scan today which showed an empty sac. The stenographer said the sac was measuring around 5 weeks and bloods came back showing 5 weeks too. Has anyone else experienced this and gone on to have a baby? I know this is common but I had a m/c 4 months ago at 8 weeks. I don't know if I can go through another one ??

Please help
Thank you
hi there i didnt have the bleeding but had ultrasound at 6 weeks and had empty sack went back 2 weeks later at 8 weeks and there baby was 16 weeks now all good so far its perfectly normal not to see baby till 7-8 weeks as its so small given there is a sack is a good sign hope it all goes well for you
Hi there, I am hopeful that are pregnant, as the ultrasound scans at this stage mostly cannot detect baby. I am sure you will get a proper scan with the baby showing inside your uterus within couple of weeks. Bleeding is of concern though. I would suggest you to see your doctor and discuss bleeding issue, I am sure you will get a better and satisfactory answer.
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