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Hi there. I just got the reports back. I am pregnant. I just got married. We weren't actively trying. However, we weren't trying to prevent it either. I am happy. However, I am quite overwhelmed too. I was only starting to come to terms with being married. Now, this is another monumental change. Can anyone give some tips? What should I do? How do I make this pregnancy go by smoothly? How do I prepare for the baby. What should I know. If you could recommend some books etc to help me through this time, then that would be excellent. Thanks!
Hi Olivia, Very Very Congratulations. I am sharing with you a pregnancy calendar that will guide you time to time that what you can do during your pregnancy and what is good for you and your baby. Please follow the link below:

i know it sounds corny but i was blown away by your post
Hey Oliviastone, how are you? Congratulations for the happiest news. I would suggest you some points. Take extra care of your self because now you have another life taking place in your womb. Enhance your diet to healthy diet. Be physical active but as a pregnant women. I wish you all the best. Take care.
Hi Olivia
It might help to talk to your GP who could talk you through the next steps.
All the best.
Hi Olivia! it seems that you and I share the same story. I married a few years back. I was not ttc but still got pregnant. Since I married at such a young age of 18 so it was a completely new thing for me. I would suggest you read out few articles about pregnancy available on the internet. Just stay calm, eat healthily and do exercise daily. You can do everything during pregnancy but with slight care. Do visit your doctor regularly. Take all the prescribed medicines on time in case your doctor suggests you. And top of everything enjoys this beautiful period of getting into motherhood.
Hey Congratulation.One of the hardest things women face when pregnant is the toll it takes on their body, and the physical changes they experience. One thing that can help women deal with this is stylish maternity clothes, so they can still feel fashionable and confident when out and about while pregnant.Be Responsible - Regular Check-ups & Healthy Dietary Choices.Treat your body with care.Stay informed and reduce stress, Stay active, Fit and Healthy!
Wao. many many congratulations.really like flying in the heavens. You got pregnant without any effort, it's really a blessing of God on you. Infertility is becoming very common nowadays and having a pregnancy without any effort is really a gift. Now, do not think anything else just enjoys your journey of pregnancy. Take a very good care of yourself, eat well, sleep well, take a nutritious diet having all the essential vitamins and minerals. Take small meals and after the small duration. Be happy and relaxed it would be good for your developing child. Once you give birth to your baby, then the whole life is there to enjoy, don't worry. If you feel any discomfort or problem just visit your gynecologist. I wish you all the best for a happy, healthy and safe journey of pregnancy.
Hi there. How are you? Please stay positive. Why are you overwhelmed? I can understand the situation that you are just married and all of sudden pregnancy is tough handling for you. Trust me you will enjoy it. Try to manage time for everything, for example, In-laws, your health, food, hubby e.t.c. What was your husband's reaction to hearing this great news? You are lucky that you are going to be a mum soon. Otherwise, many girls just wish to become a mother. Some have to adopt or take fertility treatments. Stay happy. I wish you all the best. Take care of your diet and health.
Hi Olivia, congratulations! You don’t need to be nervous. Having baby will make you bond with your husband even stronger and be having a baby is the greatest blessing. Just stay fit, eat healthy you have to take extra care of yourself in this period. Do consult your doctor regularly and follow all the tests and scan they want you to do, and in case of any weird feeling or if you think something is strange immediately report it to your doctor. Keep posting here.
It's generally such as flying in the sky. You got pregnant without any effort, it's generally An favoring from claiming divine force looking into you. Fruitlessness is getting to be extremely as a relatable point these days Furthermore Hosting a pregnancy without whatever exert is by any means An gift. Now, don't imagine anything else barely revels in your venture about pregnancy. Take a handy mind for yourself, consume well, rest well, take a nutritious diet Hosting every last one of key vitamins and minerals. Make little meals Also following those little spans. Be blissful and lose it might make beneficial to your Creating tyke. When you provide for conception to your baby, then those entire terms will be there should enjoy, don't stress. In you feel At whatever uneasiness alternately issue only visit your gynecologist. I wish you every last one of best to a happy, sound Furthermore sheltered venture about pregnancy.
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