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So happy to share a success story here! Lock Rss

Hello everyone! How are you all ladies holding up? Well, I'm about to share a story here. As you all know my friend Lisa. Who had an IVF last year at a repro center in Ukraine. (Already mentioned it earlier...) She had it successfully...Now, she is 24 weeks and fine. I'm so happy for her. She waited around 4 years for this moment. Now, finally, she is becoming a mother. I'm really happy for her and motivated by myself...So, yeah! It's really lovely to see someone becoming a mother. <3
Aww! I'm so glad to read your post. Congratulations to her. And to you of course. You have a big role in supporting her. I hope she gets all the happiness of the world. I often wonder why people say that life is unfair to them. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Every time shall pass. Sadness doesn't remain forever. Now, look at your friend Lisa. She waited for 4 years. And now she is so glad. I hope she remains glad always. But this thing requires motivation and bravery. We all need to stay motivated. We all need to stay strong. We all need to deal with our problems. Anyway, I am very happy to hear about Lisa. Keep updating us about her!
Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I am really glad to hear about your friend. It really warms my heart. I know how much happiness she must be right now. I know the feeling because I have been through it. After trying so much and getting success. It's great that you supported her. It gets beautiful and inspiring. Great, she didn't lose hope. I hope she remains calm and positive. I hope to hear good news soon. Good luck. Take care.
Hey there! I hope you're doing fine. It feels lovely to see you excited for her. She's lucky she has an amazing friend like you. I'm glad she opted for an IVF. It is the most trending method nowadays. I too had my son through an IVF treatment from Biotexcom, Ukraine. That clinic is heavenly. I can't thank them enough for fulfilling my dream. They guarantee you success. The doctors are so professional. They sat you down and talk about all your queries and answer them accordingly. I had an amazing process and my son is 2 years old now. I hope your friend has a wonderful pregnancy. I wish her luck and happiness! Much love.xx
Alas! Sarah, what good news that you have brought here. This really filled my heart with joy and happiness. Yeah, you are right, it’s really lovely to see someone becoming a mother. Happiness to you and blast of luck to your friend. Ladies like her are a really great inspiration for her. As much as I concern with it, I’m still facing problems with it. I have a weak uterus, so I can’t carry a child. I’m facing fertility for over more than 2 years. Some of my friends have suggested me surrogacy IUI treatment. But I don’t have any idea about it. It’s really hard for me to deal with people around. Even my husband is frustrated with me. I want a child badly. But I cannot go for IVF. Surrogacy is my last hope. So, can you please guide me as you have guided your friend? Dear, this means a lot to me. I shall always be grateful to you! Thanks.
Hello! How are you all ladies holding up? Well, Just read all the post from you all here. That's so nice of everyone. I hope you all get successes in your journeys. Stay blessed. xx Overall, yes! those who are going for IVF procedures; it's totally fine...I've seen a few people getting successes. So, keep going don't give up! Wish you all the best! I'm also not giving up. I know it's hard but yeah! It's really worth what we will have. xx
It is always pleasant to here finally good stories. Especially when it is regarding the IVF process. As the woman has to give soo much for it to work out. They have to inject injections 3 times a day. Along with also medications. Some even go further and do so much. I was once watching this video. In which she did soo much, however, IVF didn't work for her until the third time. So it is honestly a blessing for it to work. As the process is very unpredictable. I have been lately talking to patients who are coming there for IVF. They always talk about this thing that there is no surety. However, a good clinic definitely can increase the level of chances if it to work. So I hope that it works out for everyone else as well. Just make sure that the clinic has professional doctors and those who know what is going on.
Congratulations. I am happy for your friend. Finally, she is on her way. Every now and then I hear people talking about their failures. It feels so bad. I really want to do something for them but I cannot. All I can do is pray for them. And that I do.
I am so happy for your friend. I can understand how good she must be feeling. It is like a dream come true for her. My wishes and luck are with her. I wish her a healthy and nice baby. I wish her health and success in future. I hope to hear more from you. Keep us updated. Don't forget to share more about her. More power to her. Lots of love and luck on her way.
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