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IVF Lock Rss

hi, everyone. I'm here again after my 3 rd IVF test. hoping positive results. I need your prayers. please give me best wishes. asking all of you again.please pray for me. I will be back later.with some news good or bad don't know. hope it will be great for me.
We are waiting for excellent news. Good luck smile smile smile
hi, hope so you are doing great. Don't take the stress. All will be fine. I think so you should go with IVF. It is a process where children would be genetically linked with you. It is no different than naturally getting pregnant. You will be experiencing the whole pregnancy stage. In Europe, there are best clinics. The treatment is not costly there. Try having a healthy diet. Make some lifestyle changes. All the best for your future. My best wishes are with you. Think positive. All the very best for future.
I would state the same as spring flowers, your Dr should seriously mull over you 'done' with immunes testing however it appears there's an entire cluster of tests that lone a few centers offer - it may be worth investigating.

Other than that ((((hugs)))) I do know how you feel and really is simply sucks. Also, have you had all the immune tests done? Different clinics have differing ideas on immunes

Blonde mom - good luck for your January cycle, FX it's your turn finally.I don't have answers for you but can be of support if I can.
How are you doing? I hope all is good. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. I pray for your results to come positive. Finger crossed. Don't stress yourself. Stay hopeful. Baby dust to your way.
IVF is great. I am sure it is going to be successful for you this time. Fingers crossed. Keep your hopes high. My prayers are with you. I hope you find your rainbow soon. Sending best wishes.
Hi there. Hope you are doing great. IVF is a great process. I hope it will be successful. My prayers are with you. Wish luck to everyone. God bless you.
My love and best wishes for you. Well, I can understand the scenario that you are in. I know you listened about the failure of IVF process. But I can guess that this is due to a poor choice of clinics. So, if You choose an average cost and local clinics then that will be more chances of failure. I'll just say to you to choose a proper and well working plus giving good services. My husband and I went to a clinic and had a successful journey. This journey was our life's important one. Don't take it as something scary. It is a procedure. It has both the pros and the cons. The chances of success and failure both occur. Take it realistically. Hope for the good and the best will come.
Stay strong, sweetheart. I am hopeful that it will be successful. Just be positive. My prayers are with you. Keep your hopes high. Wish you best of luck. Much love for you.
Don't worry at all. Everything will be fine. Don't take any kind of stress. Just be positive. Be patient and stay calm. I am hopeful that nothing will be wrong. We all are here to support you. Good luck!
Hi there, hope you are doing good. I am happy to hear about your positive results. BE positive. This will be very helpful. I pray that everything goes as planned. Thanks for sharing. This means a lot. Wishing you luck.
It's okay, dear. I know things are a bit hard for you. You must be worried about all this. Everything will be fine soon. Just be patient. Stay strong. Wish you good luck. Lots of love for you.
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