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My partner has a 10 year old girl to another women. He knows I’m pregnant and he does not want to keep the baby but I do. It feels like our relationship has gone downhill since then, he doesn’t say he loves me anymore and he does things he knows upsets me. He tells me to leave but I have no where to go. And I don’t have a job. We were living apart but I was staying over his and my place all the time. Both of our names are on the lease and I paid for half of the bond. We would often argue so I rented a room out near by. I was tiling and employed and my wage was good until my partner got drunk and rang my married boss up and accused him and I of getting it on. As a result I lost my job, also that night when he was drunk he went to the pub came back to my house and pushed me on the ground and was kicking me one of my housemates came out and moved my partner along. Two days after that my housemates sat me down and said I have to move out because they had received complaints of the events that occurred. I really love my partner with all my heart but I feel he doesn’t feel the same. I’m 28 and jobless and I still want to keep my baby! Am I crazy?
Before seeking advice, first, decide your very own mood on what you are searching for and the specificity of your choice.
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