Been with my partner for 10 years. Since I met him he wanted children. Yearned to be a father. In 2012 I became pregnant with our first child. It was rocky. He blames it on the nerves of being a first time parent, it could well be. When our son arrived it was ok at the start. A few weeks in, the novelty wore off and gaming became the priority again. His days consisted of a 9hr work day, 2 hrs at the gym and the rest of the night gaming until bed. I took our son on walks alone, got up alone during the night, played games with and entertained him alone, bathed and fed him all by myself while his dad sat on the sofa.
He said he'd change. Fast forward 6 years and we have 3 more children. The last child he pressured me into terminating (unsuccessfully) obviously.
He drags his feet whenever I want to do something as a family. He never wants to go out together or take the kids out. He doesn't like participating in school activities or sport with the kids. He won't take them to the park or beach. We don't go to fairs or festivals because I don't feel able to take them alone (they are 5, two 2 year olds and 1). He told me tonight it's because he's tired. I work too. I'm just feeling overwhelmed. I feel like a single mom when I shouldn't- their dad is right there! But he's not being a dad.
Am I overreacting?
He doesn't read stories or get on the floor to play with them. He rarely makes them dinner or watches a movie with him. He won't take them outside to ride on their bikes or take them on walks.. nothing! He works, goes to the gym and games. I feel like it's pathetic for someone who said he always wanted to be a dad. Maybe he wants the title without the responsibility. Is it time for me to move on? I feel guilty for my kids missing out on things because he won't help me take them. I have a 5 year old who is a great help, and twin boys who are runners! And a baby. I would take them alone but I don't feel comfortable I guess. And I don't think it is fair...