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Need recommendations for toys..? Rss

My babyboy is 4 months old and I was curious about introducing more fun stuff during our play time. Any toys or exercises, that you moms can recommend,& i aslo wanted to get some teether toys as well? i have checked this site for some toys, . plz do also suggest some sites where i can get the best toys...Thank you!
I am buying all toys on Amazon
My daughter liked musical toys, slingobeads and also developing a soft mat.
Montessori Toyz is also a good online store if you want to purchase eco-friendly and safe toys for your kids at an affordable price. Their all products are organic and eco-friendly and safe for kids.
Kmart has loads of cognitive and fine motor toys. Simple toys such as a pool filled with colourful balls can stimulate a child’s sense of feel, engage in fine more by placing the ball in their hands grasping throwing and begin to recginse colour ie the balls. Little things like rocks as well can be used to stimulate your child’s development at four months. I work in childcare and have a huge range of ideas for birth to 5years. If you would like you can ask me anytime for advice, ideas and concerns smile
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