Hi there smile

Just after somw general advice/stories from anyone in a similar situation.

Im a stay at home mum with a 27month old toddler boy and 14week old baby. I decided that maybe it was time for my toddler to go to daycare once or twice a week, mainly because of guilt thinking he wasnt getting enough stimulation from me at home and pressure from friends whos kids go to daycare. He went on Monday and absolutely hated it. He cried as soon as I left, actually screamed with his hands in his mouth and histerical. I called about 2hours after Id left and the teacher said he had had some morning tea a sleep but wasnt very happy and was struggling transitioning from one activity to the next. I knew he would hate that because at home, he obviously can play with whatever he likes for as long as he likes. He also absolutely freaked when they had to change his nappy (he isnt toilet trained yet) I went and picked him up around 3pm, so he had been there approx 6hrs and he was playing in the outside area, quite happily but I could tell he was feeling stressed.

Ever since Monday he hasnt been his happy self. He has been a lot naughtier/cheeky than normal, quite anxious and stressed at times and isnt eating as much as normal. He also has cuts under his tongue from where his nails have scratched him when he had his hands shoved in there. I dont know if its a co-incidence or to do with the one day at daycare.

All week Ive been thinking about the daycare situation and does he really need to go? Since Im a stay at home mum and plan to be so for as long as possible, my husband and I have decided that it will be best for our son to not start daycare until atleast 3.
Is there anyone here that doesnt send their toddler or hasnt until they are around 3 or older? What do you get up to during the week to make sure they are being stimulated and socialising with other kids?

We do activities at home, go to playgroups/play centres, is it enough? A lot of friends with kids that go to daycare have been lovely when I have asked them the same thing but I feel their argument is one sided. They say its great for the kids socially, they learn so much, etc. The thing is, my son is quite smart & has been taught these things by us at home. He can count to 10, recognises numbers, all the letters of the alphabet, colours, shapes. When I go to the daycare and look around the room the toys are quite young for my sons age and obviously the teacher cant do one on one activities with them..

This post is extrememly long and if you have read this far and can reply, thankyou so much! I just feel confused and guilty? I know not sending him is the best thing for him but feel criticised for it?!