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what kind of shoes do you wear? Rss

I have puma's. I've been wearing puma's for about two years. Before those emo poseurs! Besides... my pumas are and were different than the puma's the emo'ers wear. I try to find the craziest looking puma's i can find.

They are extremely light, and comfortable. Most pairs i've made me feel like I'm wearing socks, and they are cooler than all other shoes... ever.

so... do you have a "brand"?
Since I became a mother, I only wear sneakers and sports clothes that I feel comfortable in .
Hello, ladies! This is very familiar to me and I can understand you . I also wear what I 'm comfortable in all the time. Parenting takes all my energy , so I can 't think about my appearance. Running shoes and sportswear this is my lifestyle. But there are days when I get tired of everyday life and want to be dressed up. For this occasion, I have some fashionable dresses from that are always waiting in the wings. And then I turn from an ordinary woman into a beauty from a movie and feel like a TV star. All this is thanks to the make-up, hairstyle, dress and shoes, and of course my husband, who takes me to a restaurant or somewhere for a walk. I need these moments very much to live and be a good mother and wife.
A very cheap pair of Chelsea boots at the moment
To be honest, I don’t understand people who spend so much money on banal clothes, which they then throw away or give to someone at best, and sometimes they themselves will never even put them on. It would be better to sit at gambling syndicate casino and spend money there. At least they would have enjoyed the process.
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