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Daddy bits! Lock Rss

Well, that got your attention. I thought it would be fun to share some little bit about what Dad gets up to. Sort of like a Mere Male section to share a laugh.

The other day we went through some hand-me-downs to get ready for the next size for BJ and we found some swimmers (togs). I thought I would try them on BJ next time we changed or dressed him to see how close they were to fitting as we are looking at starting swimming classes soon. The first pair of little pants (like bike pants) fit and I tried the 2nd pair on and this one had a shirt to match. When daddy came in to have a look he patted him on the bum as he was standing on the change table and said, 'Gee, these are so smooth it feels like your bum' and when we looked, it was. They were so big around the waist they had fallen down over his bum when I stood him up and you couldn't see under his shirt. I guess daddy needs some more practice changing his bare bum to remember what it feels like.
I know what you mean, but it's not only dads who do silly things sometimes. My older brother was changing my daughters nappy for the first time, he wanted to see if the nappy was like the ad and had a dry feel to it. He didn't know and nor did I that my mum had changed bubs about 2 minutes before and he went around all day singing the praises of the nappy and how good it was. I think he would still go on about it if mum didn't tell him she'd changed it.


my friend and i had our baby at around the same time... i had a girl, she had a boy..
my husbad pinches the nappy to see if it is wet.. after changing our bub's nappy for so long, he went to his friends. their bub kept crying so he squeezed the nappy to see if it was wet... little did he realise that he was squeezing a boy...he said he forgot it was a boy... but he still can't get over it!
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