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Partner issues. Lock Rss

Since giving birth, to both my gorgeous Amy-Lee and Troy-Lee I noticed the lack of love and affection from my 3 yr hubby. Before the kids, our love life was EXPLOSIVE, and now it's just a lack there of. Is my body so ugly after birth? Why doesn't he tell me I'm beatiful anymore? I just wish I had some one to talk to about it, that cares and understands what I'm going through....
I am sure you are as beatuiful as your were when you met. Dont ever think otherwise.

How old are your children? Sometimes it just takes time.... Is he tired? Scared of the responsiblity of being a father maybe?

I dont have to much experience with this as my partner and i are still expolsive smile

Have you spoken to him a bout it and told him how you feel?

Give that a go and see what happens.... MAybe he is thinking the samething.


Hi Poon maybe your hubby thinks that you a to tired to have sex and dont want to bother you and I bet you a still beautiful and maybe he thinks that you know how he feels and sometimes man forget that we need to be told how sexy we are.

Have a wonderful time just by yourselfs and enjoy every mins of it.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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