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Can I really trust him Lock Rss

During my pregnancy I suffered from PND and was scared that i wouldn't love my baby. I had Francine a couple of weeks ago, and yes i do love her, but i am scared of leaving her alone with my husband. I'ts not that i don't love him, i just am scared of what might happen. He's starting to get angry that i won't let him be alone with the baby, and i'm scared that it's affecting our marraige.

What can I do?

Cherele Power Out

Mayb to begin with leave your baby alone with him for the day, but you be there (in another room) and let hubby do it all.... Then you can see how he handles situations?

If he needs help offer it but dont force it...

Or go out for half an hour and then come back, once you see that bub is fine mayb you'll trust him more.??


Hi Cherele,

I think we are all worried at the begining because we have such a sense of responsibility for our babies and almost an ownership feeling over them - you dont trust anyone else to care for them because you know if something were to happen the guilt would be suffocating.

Do you think you could still have PND, I suffered from it when my son was 4 months old and I recall on the questionaire and in the talks that these feelings you are experiencing, are a sign. Feeling constantly worried and fearing for the safety and well being of your baby. I really dont mean to upset you or get you down honestly but perhaps talking to your GP or CHN about your feelings would help.

Francine is very lucky to have such a wonderful caring mummy, but her daddy would like to bond with her to and of course they do have the right to care for their children too, even if we do a better job tongue . I think you should talk to someone professional about PND and the feelings your having before it really starts to affect your relationship.

Let me know what you think and if you want to tell me to shut up and butt out thats fine too, but please think about it smile

Let him look after her for the day while you do your housework or sleep or just relax

remember his her dad and he loves her and he feeels just as protective over his little girl as you do

it will bring you all closer together

congratulations on the birth of your baby

enjoy being a happy little family it goes too fast

xxxx all the best

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Cherele,
Just wanted you to know that most of us love to leave Bubs with Hubs, it's an all to rare break and I like to make the most of it! Also Hubby gets a taste of what life's like looking after a tiny person.
It's great for them to bond with their baby alone, my DH said he felt closer to DS only after I went to work and he hadto look after him, as they feel like they are not required especially in the early days. DS clearly adores his daddy smile
The best thing about Dad doing his baby duty is that you can be safe in the knowledge that probably the only person in the world who loves bub as much as you is looking after her.
If there is no other reason that you don't want to leave Francine (lovely name!) with him, then maybe you could seek help from your gp initially?
Good Luck

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Why is it you do not trust your partner? I am not sure I understand.
is there a reason why u wont leave your child with the father
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