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living alone with bub Lock Rss

i recently broke it off with my son's father and im moving out by myself... i know that i am going to have blake 100% of the time and i was wondering if anybody had any good coping skills??

DS 18 mnths, TTC # 2.

Hi, I noticed that you had a lot of views to your question and sorry that you broke if off with your babies dad. Do you have any family that you could let you son be with so that you could have an hour or so to yourself without him? Do you belong to a parent group or coffee group which would enable you to get out of the house and to chat with others?
Sorry, not much help, good luck with the move though and hope that you will be ok.

hi mel sorry to hear that its really hard for you you dont have the baby father with you have you got good friends you can turn or family you need to have campany sometimes try to not to get upset i no its hard for you or you can get a great friend to move in with you that will heap you and your baby to let me know how you go take care lisa
although i am still with my partner i feel so alone as i manage absolutely everything,the housework is the hardest by far, do you have any family near bu that could come round and give you a hand, i know my mums wonder woman whenit comes to cleaning, mabey someone that can look after bubs for an hour or so(at your place even) whilst you have a lie down

dont try to do too much at once,leave the housework and concentrate on being happy with you bub

all the best


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi mel I sort of know how feel cause my partner works away and its always me and my daughter and it is hard but does work out and you just need to get into a routine for you and Blake so you know what you are doing and plus dont get so frustated as much.

Sometime when its gets to hard with everything I just sit down and have abit of a cry to myself and it does help abit or if you have any family members around you and if you need a break from everything just ask them if they mine looking after Blake for awhile and thats what I do when it gets to bad for me.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Mel,
I am a young single mum of a gorgeous 6 1/2 month old boy called Joel. Best advice I can give you, is take all help offered to you, make sure you get you and bub out of the house often and if you can leave bubs with someone you trust when possible, to get time to yourself - to go and do something relaxing!! Keep in contact with close friends and family and communicate with people in mothers groups etc as much as possible. If you ever wanna chat my msn address is [email protected]
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