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bub wont eat for dad!! Lock Rss


if anyone can help that would be great!!!

my little one, who is 6 1/2 months nearly (but 5 weeks prem) is pretty good with having bottle and solids through the day for me.

when dad gets home from work around 5.30pm, connor loves seeing him and playing with him. BUT as soon as dad tries to feed him the bottle he becomes difficult.

basically he looks everywhere but dad, turning his head (even though I know he is hungry) arching and generally carrying on.

He looks for me too.

I try to leave the room or hide so he can't see me, but it doesn't help. When dad gives up and gives him bak to me, he is cranky again at first, but settles and drinks properly.

DAD is getting upset at this cause, I will be starting work on weekend soon and dad HAS to be able to feed him.

I try to give dad tips on how I cope when he gets cranky, but he will onyl try it for a minute and then gets the ****.

I tell him to keep calm cause connor knows this (which in turn just make the problem worse), so he stays calme but connoor still plays up.

ANY TIPS would be VERY usefull.

thanks heaps

Jacinta, NSW young boy connor

tell me bout it!!!!!
DH and i went away last sat night with my mum and sister looking after DD

DD loves them but they couldt get her to take solids and she even refused her bottles too!!!!

in the end my poor mum put her in her cot and then she took her bottle

i have no idea why she was like this,she would happily play with them,but when it came to food didnt want a bar of them?

Lillie....1 year old!!!

this did happen for us at one stage, i think the only way we can get through it is to be positive for dad. say to him to stay calm, and keep trying. It will eventually happen. Maybe you could sit next to them while they are feeding or hold conners hand? have you tried resting conners hands on the bottle? if you start doing this through the day with him at night when dad comes home he might just start to do it, and not worry about dad holding the bottle. Just a suggestion. but hang in there, i think for everything persistance is the key. You really have to let him keep trying, and keep it as part of your 'routine' if things change to often babies have not sence of direction and dont know whats going to happen next.

leia xx -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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