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Young Daddy's Rss

Hi aLL,
This message is for all the young parents,
How do you all find your baby's dad copes with baby and fatherhood in general,
My daughter's dad is still young and doesnt like te responsibility anddoesnt want to grow up yet,
Just wondering about anyone elses experiences with young dads?
I had a friend who had there first at 16 and the father was almost 18-lets just say that he was not ready at all. My husband wasnt ready at 21 either. I think men mature alot slower than woman-we have the maternal drive for our children and although men eventually warm to fatherhood-it can either make or break a relationship.

Our first is now 5 and loves to hang out with Dad and our twin boys love him too. Its strange to think back of the days when our 5 year old was a baby-my husband (who was then just my boyfriend) didnt really care too mcuh about anything except himself and now its hard to think he was ever like that.

Having all boys myself, I have to say that boys do mature and grow totally different to us girls. Hang in there and remember that boys will be boys-it does get better-something will wake him up to being a father and once that happens you wont remember what it was like before.

I dont think its just a young male thing, it strikes all ages of men who just dont want to grow up. Eventually like all things they have to, and once they do they realise they have missed most of there beautiful childs life-believe me when I say they do regret it later. gasp)

Hope this helps gasp)

Linda-27,Wgtn,7yrold twin3yrolds

hi well all though me and my son father are not together when we had our son he was 18 and he has and is still coping very well with father hood and by the way our son is 20 months old now. Every chance he gets he sees his son. Pretty much when we found out i was pregant we both grew up i was 16 17 when he was born. Some people i no dont want to take the responsibilty but it takes time to relise da comitment u got. Hope it all works out.

natasha, S.A, nearly 3 year old boy

My hubby didnt want to really have much to do with our twin boys when they were newborn - but know that they are a year old he does heaps with them, they "help" him in his shed and outside when he is building stuff and tinkering. I think as the boys grew up so did hubby.
Hey there,
me an my partner have a 6 month old little girl an he has only just fiured out that how to talk to her. We live apart which hasnt helped there relationship. He's only 19 an im 21. He wasnt even around for the pregnancy, an if i hadnt told his family i doubt if he would be around now. He thanked me for getting him involved in it an he has appologised for everything that has happened (hence why were together) but there is this little voice inside me that is telling me he's a wee bit resentvile of that the fact that his life has changed so much!! Were ment to be moving in together in the next three months but im worried. i can it helping his bond with sophie (our daughter) but after a few months of not being able to do what he wonts when ever he wonts i can see it going bad. i havent pushed it in anyway but i think he see's more the romantic side of being a family an not the practical side. I love him to bits an want this to work an i would love to be able to believe what say's but im not sure if i can. How do i know if were doing the right thing?? an how do i figure out if he's really ready for this??!

Frances,Sophie 2 3/4 smile

hi everyone

my partner 22 and im 18 and basicly i do everything for my son.
My partner says he doesnt have the patience to help me. It very frustrating!

my partner also doesnt want to grow up, he would rather play his play station then play with his son.


carly,nsw,7 1/2 mth baby

my partner is 24 going on 12.He is a fabulous daddy to our boys but sometimes needs a boot up the backside to help a little more than he wants to. like carlys partner he would rather be playing xbox but realises that he is the most important man in thier lives so he , like me,MUST go through sleepless nights and dirty diapers too. Sometimes though, i put it down to being a "mothers lot" that inevitably we mummys will ALWAYS have to do more than our partners, dont know why though.

Jay, Auckland, twin boys 30.6.04

hi Allexsta,
my partner and i dont feel young but we generally are compared to the other couples in our mothers group. im 22 and he is 23, but he copes better than ever! loving every minute... i think for some, they either got it at first or they dont. alot of guys these days it normally just "hits them" hope this happens for you! because i couldnt imagine what it would be like if my partner didnt do anything... he loves doing it all - he even gets up in the middle of the night to get Kayden out of bed when he wants a feed, which is great now that its so COLD! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

My babies father is only just 19, at first he was really distant from Nate (our son) but now he is great at first i think they are just a bit scared for most young dads this is totally new. i have hurt my ankle two days ago and i have not had to do anything he has been bathing him, feeding him, (even through the night) and even changing dirty nappies...


Nici Qld 6 Month old baby boy Nate!!!

My babies dad is 22, and i seriously think he is the best father ever. We have three and one on the way, and he is as hands on as can be. He plays with them non-stop, does night feeds, changes poos, washes bottles-everything! He's also really good with discipline, he comes up with new strategies all the time, and if he gets invited to something where he can't take the kids he won't go-and it is fully his choice! He knows that much about pregnancy and child rearing that females ask him for tips! I love him so much, because with him the kids are never a chore.
Sorry bout that, i've had my gush now, i'll just let you all go throw up!

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, 1@5/4/06

I hate the fact that fathers do not want to 'grow up' and take responsibility for a being they helped create. Hello mums have to grow up whether we like it or not, so I say grow some balls guys and take charge.

I understand what it can be like, Im 19 years old and 34 weeks pregnant with my first (prob my last too smile

Anyway my babies Daddy is 25, although he can be a pain in my butt sometimes he is amazing when it comes to the pregnany. And i can only assume will be the same when our little girl comes along. If only all men were like this.

It is something that parents do together, and most of the time with young dads the mother is stuck to do everything. My cousin and his girlfriend recently had a baby boy, he takes no responsibility for the child (he is 18) and she is 16. Ok given that was a stupid move on their behalf, but the child has no say in any of this, bring children into a world where they are equally loved and cared for by both mother and father.

Ok now Ive had my say, what does everyone else think?


Hi Allexsta when our daughter was born her dad was 27 years old and I was 23 years old and I dont think any man is ready for fatherhood and our daughter is 9 months old now and he loves our daughter and we couldnt imagine her not being in our lives. Im lucky to have a partner who actually acts their age for onces.

And if you dont mine how old was your partner when your daughter was born? How did you cope being a mum?

Sometimes man never grow up and act their age and you can never change that and sometimes we wish it would.

Chat soon.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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