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Husbands doing housework Lock Rss

Does anyone have a could approach towards the request of having your male partner do more housework, especially if you work fulltime and come home to our second job. How do you ask for help without the other partner getting offended etc??? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you
Hi saf,
i dont have that problem my hubby is a great helper. If i were you i would just say it in a way where he thinks he would be doing you a favour, like "Im really flat out busy doing the washing (or whatever) could you get dinner started for me?". If that doesnt work, just plonk the vaccum at his feet and say it will only take you a minute, thanks. He will get the picture. I would be abrupt and not care if he got offended though. Everyone should pitch in, and if he is anything like my hubby, he makes most of the mess!! If all else fails, everytime it comes to sex, just complain your too tired, from all the housework, that should make him pitch in, lol.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

Hi Saf,
lol I know just what your talking about! I work full time and have nearly two year old twin girls. My partner although wonderful with the girls wasn't very helpful when it came to the house work. So I told him if he didn't help I was hiring a cleaner.
lol I now have a cleaner in once a week to give the house a top to bottom clean and then we just do little things like washing and dishes. So maybe threaten him with that, he will either help or you will get a cleaner to help you. Good luck with it.

Cassie, SA, 19mth twin girls

Thanks for your reply. I really like the idea of getting a cleaner to help me. Never thought of doing that before.

You know, considering he makes the most mess and dirty laundry etc....he aknowledges that I do too much. Between working fulltime and home duties, he really annoys me sometimes because he knows just how much I do and tells me to stop and have a rest all the time NOT oh I'll give you a hand!!! I swear, I pick up my daughter from child care and get home at about 6pm, start to clean the house ie: washing, folding clothes, preparing dinner, vacuming the house, looking after baby and bathing her, putting her to sleep at about 9pm and then continuing to clean up after dinner and iron work clothes, prepare my toddlers bag for the next day, organise lunches for both of us .....etc. I swear by the time I finish everything, its about 12 - 1am aand NO LATER and I must get up at 6am for work - not to mention sometimes I get up and about through the night because of my daughter etc..... Sorry for the whinging, but do you know what i mean? I get so frustrated with him, and I do drop hints and ask him to do things and he'll only do them when he wants to and a lot of the times, he says in a minute and FORGETS about my request!!!! Is it worth the argument?
Hi Saf,

I do know just what your talking about, that sounds just like what I was going through. lol but to make it worse on me my partner actually work two weeks on two weeks off, so he was away for two weeks and then for the next two weeks sat around home doing nothing. So for me the big argument worked. Like I said I now have cleaner for helping with the house work, which isn't that expensive when you think of the stress you will be saving on and after I gave him what for I suddenly have a different man living with me. He will cook dinner or at least start it, he does dishes, does washing, even helps bath the girls if I am cooking dinner and he helps make bottles etc when getting ready for childcare the next day, he will even get up early and help get them ready for childcare when he is (although he does go back to bed as soon as we leave the house).
So yes I have to say it is worth it. Oh and if he doesn't do anything in the yard threaten to hire a gardner to, that hurts their ego and they will soon be out there mowing that lawn on time.

Cassie, SA, 19mth twin girls

Hi Cassie,
My husband is always at me to hire a gardner, lol! Our lawn is 1/2 acre, and seeing we dont have a ride on, it takes around 2-3 hours with a push mower. Hubby begs to get someone in to cut it, but i usually do 1/2 for exercise and leave the other 1/2 to him. The funny thing is, every time we are out with our trusty little push mower, our neighbours come out to mow on their ride ons, hubby is forever peeking over the fence and complaining to me the neighbours are "teasing" him.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

Hi Saf
Just before, I had an argumet with my husband.
He also doesn.t help me much with housework or with the kids. I cooked dinner,vacuumed,moped.
organized kids lunches for tommorow,etc. but he doesn't even offer to put the kids to bed.
It makes my blood boil.His excusse is I've got a headache. I tried to explain in a nice way and also getting angry with him but it does't work.
I'm usually home by two o'clock,so he thinksI do nothing.Once i'm at home I do the washing,get the dinner ready,bath the kids and what ever else needs to be done.He just thinks because he works 9 to 5 he needs rest.
I would not go back to full time job,not while the kids a little anyway.

mother of two vic

Hi lilmiss,
I had to smile when I read your post. We have an acre and until we bought a ride on a month ago my poor hubby did it with a normal mower! (Since we bought the house 9 months ago). The land is slightly sloped too so it would take him a whole afternoon and then he would be so tired! Now when we see our neighbour mowing theirs with a normal mower, we smile knowing the ride on is parked in the shed!

My babies are all grown up sad

Hi Girls,

lol at least all your hubby's have a decent amount of land to mow. We have 10 square metres if that! And I still had trouble getting him to do it, thats why the gardner threat worked. I am sure he would love a ride on mower to mow it with though.
I do love my cleaner though she is a wonderful lady that does a far better job than I could ever do, its such a feel of relief to come home and not have to worry about the house apart for a few dishes and a load of washing here and there. I leave the house by 6:30am and dont get home again until around 6:30pm and then theres dinner, baths, before bedtime snacks, play time, bags for childcare, bottles to be made, bedtime, stories, arguments about sleeping and in between all that we are toilet training at the moment to and all of it is times two for twins lol, wouldn't change it for the world.


Cassie, SA, 19mth twin girls

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